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    1. @@CS-vw3dbyea these companies are overzealous if they think going electric by 2030 will net them profit

    2. “electrified” doesn’t necessarily mean EV. it also means electronic assisted powertrains like hybrids or plug-in hybrids

    1. 😢The electric rolls royce is about 10% heavier than the fossil one. And this will come down in the coming years.

      If you compare the model s plaid with similar fossil cars, it actually weighs even less (eg amg s class, bmw m5)

    1. Mazda might do something like that. So if that does well, other manufacturers might follow on with the trend.

  1. Bentley will never go full electric they cant afford to lose the sales to countries like UAE they buy heaps them and got plenty petrol and would make no sense for places who’s economy is built on oil supply to go ev .

  2. A compass in a car… If that ain’t one of the most pointless guages… unless it doubles up as a boat ! 😅

    1. It very well may be. Having 0 cars in the line is the same as every car in the linenbeing electrified.

      It all depends on whether the UK’s parliament would like to continue having an automobile industry or not.

  3. Bentley is doing it wrong by giving up on W12. It’s their biggest mistake. Nobody wants an electric Bentley. Nobody.

  4. 12 cylinder twin turbo sounds like it should have way more than 600 horses

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