This LaSalle leads to a $1,000,000 collection in NYC: See how | Barn Find Hunter

Tom teams up with his pal Rob Ida to continue the look for cars and trucks in New York City. After visiting a couple of places, he follows a lead on a late '30s , a key piece in an enormous collection and among the best discoveries on the show. Keep an eye out for the next episode!

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SPECIAL THANKS to Lenn Soderlund who designed the brand-new Barn Discover Hunter logo you see featured in this episode. Like you, Lenn is a passionate Barn Find Hunter fan who took it upon himself to develop a logo design and send it to us. We liked it a lot we made it the brand-new face of the series.
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0:00 Intro.
0:59 BMW 2002.
2:20 1997 Ural Motorbike.
3:43 where vehicles conceal in New York City.
4:32 .
6:26 (the lead).
7:26 Investigating.
8:52 40 MORE Cars and trucks!
9:30 Examining the .
12:01 Scenes from the next episode.

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This LaSalle leads to a $1,000,000 collection in : See how | Barn Find Hunter

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  1. Yes, it’s natural for us enthusiasts to be irked at all the really cool old cars seemingly wasting away in
    other peoples’ posession – but rather than jealously spitting venom at folks we don’t even know, I’d
    suggest something else instead:
    Acknowledging that someone put a lot of time and earned money into collecting such relics at one
    time, respecting that they decided to keep them (and in many cases, saved them from an early demise)
    and that therefore, the cars are theirs to do with as they please (or are able to).

    In the case of inherited “lottery wins”, there’s often a lot of emotional attachment to the cars by people
    who don’t quite know how to do the cars justice (or don’t have the wherewithal, for that matter)….
    (Maybe you even know of such a person – and could offer to help them?)

    So, I’d suggest a modicum of respect instead (and perhaps you could endeavor to start your own collection,
    just as they did?). Life goes differently for different folks of course – but none of these collections just
    “happened” – someone worked damn hard to put it together to begin with and in a lot of cases, now
    their heirs are doing whatever they know to do with them out of love and respect.
    We in the hobby can help them – if they want it and we soften our judgement a bit.
    Just a thought…
    – Ed on the Ridge

    1. A lot of sour grapes people in the comments and frankly I was about to say something like, “We’ll nobody needs all those cars, you should only have at most maybe five to drive daily.” but yeah you’re right. It’s easy to judge others without knowing the circumstances and to be an arm chair expert.

    2. I am pretty good at maintaining my older cars, and me and my wife have 3rd spare car we only use when we are fixing one of our primary cars. Truth is I rarely even have time to turn that 3rd car on, drive it a bit and maintain it like the others. Imagine having 50 other cars to mantain and do them justice. The fact they are all in good shape is amazing.

    3. All well and good, but what strikes me with these collections (that are not junkers collected by a tow truck company out in the Arizona desert) is how much capital the owner had to have tied up, not just in the cars, but in the building. I used to buy and sell guitars back in the 70’s, and there are lots and lots I wish I could have kept, but $300 or $400 was all I could afford to have tied up in a guitar.

    1. Yepp, it was the standard gp-vehicule for the Swiss forces in the 70’s through to beginning of the ‘noughties.

  2. Thankfully someone had the foresight, passion and resources to save and curate these cars. Instead of rotting away or being recycled into toasters they still exist, intact and waiting for the day when some lucky person will drive them into the sunset again.

  3. Can’t wait to see the next episode. I wonder if Kim and the family have any plans to put some of those cars on the market. When I see episodes like this all I can think about is how boring my dad is. Not one cool old car or motorcycle to leave to me. : )

  4. Amazing every time I watch this it just makes my soul feel that much better no matter my mood it always brings a smile to my face

  5. When I lived down there, there are hidden collections everywhere. I purchased 3 mopars (I still own one of them) from a guy that had a collection in a parking garage on second Avenue in Manhattan. He had 20-30 muscle cars. I moved to Maine and sold two of them and kept one. Looking forward to your next video.

  6. Tom seeing that Lasalle makes me think of the intro song from “All in the Family”. Archie and Edith playing the piano. “Gee that old Lasalle ran Great, Those Were The Days”. Thanks Tom for showing all the Great stuff you find.

    1. I never could figure out what the lyrics were in that part of the song. Drove me nuts! Now I know. Those were the days before the internet so I couldn’t google it to find out.

  7. I had just watched a video about cheaper Cadillacs yesterday, and here’s the forerunner of them: the LaSalle. That car looks pretty good for its’ age – wish I could buy it and make it roadworthy again.

  8. Heaven on earth, what an amazing collection. Tom you are so fortunate to meet so many incredible people and witness automotive history up close and personal.

  9. First shop visited was in the heart of Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn on Kosciusko street between Tomkins and Throop avenue not DOWNTOWN Brooklyn, i grew up on that block few buildings down. Back in the day there was a crew called Headhunters auto club full of old school American muscle. Don’t know if they are still there. I remember there was empty lots everywhere in that area with old cars abandoned or parked. Time has changed. Great show keep it coming!

  10. I’d kill to own that LaSalle, would love to very mildly customise it into a traditional style taildragger / lead sled.

  11. l always think about ‘All in the Family’ and the theme song line ”Gee the old LaSalle ran great, those were the days” when l see any reference to them. Then l get that song stuck in my head. Thanks a lot Tom. 😉

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