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  1. Eres un ídolo BUKAKE.Uno siempre en mi corazón, hermosa, amor, elecciones, culturales.💙

    Son unos de los mejores conciertos

  2. Eres mi ídolo resetefilm.Uno
    siempre en mi corazón, *hermosa🌹, amor, elecciones, culturales 💖🕊*

    Son -unos de los-mejores- conciertos es de mejor.

  3. Can you imagine seeing someone waving their hands around like this in a parking lot? So impractical, no words.

  4. To all of you who think you will own something like this in the future, you will own nothing and you will be happy.

  5. Just brilliant!
    When you let designers have free reign of their own desires, the future is looking forward!🙏✌️👍🇬🇧

  6. 2072 show be a year were mobility is not on wheels. At least electromagnetic technology or something without potholes or air accidents

  7. Amazing 🙂. On the other hand, luxury cars still don’t have WC.
    Rich people never get ill nor spend 2,3 hours going to work/home…??? 😂.

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