This Volkswagen Scirocco Is Amazing Forbidden Fruit


This Volkswagen Scirocco is an unique cars and truck converted from a Volkswagen R32. Today I'm examining this insane Volkswagen Scirocco, and I'll show you all the many peculiarities and functions. I'm likewise going to get behind the wheel of the modified Volkswagen Scirocco and reveal you what it resembles to drive.

@TheSmokingTire also got behind the wheel, check out what they need to state.


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00:00 THIS …
00:30 Purchase it on CARS & BIDS!!!
01:12 What is a Scirocco?
02:36 It's a Scirocco and an R32? How?
04:14 R32 Porformance, Scirocco Styling
04:50 Modifications
06:35 Interior
09:05 Interior Modifications
10:06 Back Seats
11:14 Freight Area
12:23 Exterior Styling
13:25 Driving Experience
18:08 Final Thoughts
18:39 DougScore

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This Volkswagen Scirocco Is Amazing Forbidden Fruit

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    1. I still can’t get over what remains of the goofy r32 front end, not a big fan of that generation of golf

    1. This needs to happen! I would happily drive hours to let Doug review my car (it’s not particularly interesting though)

    2. He addressed this in a video once and said that he doesn’t like to travel far if possible and he has a family now

  1. What has not been mentioned is that the front bumper, side skirts and the lower rear bumper section are aftermarket parts too. The original Scirocco bumpers don’t look that aggressive.

    1. I was wondering about that. My neighbour had a sirocco and it looked a lot more mundane than this.. this one looks like it has an Audi grille

    2. I was about to say that. It’s an amazing project, but I’m really not a fan of the body kit

  2. Great to see such a positive callout for HPA. They’re known to be the tuner you’d go to if you want to do some mods and make it 100% premium+

  3. The Scirocco was initially designed in the VW studio in Simi Valley in 2005. Robert Lesnik was the designer, I was his digital modeller. Together in 3 weeks, we turned his sketch idea into a digital model that was milled full size in Wolfsburg for the board to see. They liked it, and the project was signed off. It was then continued in Germany and looks very much the same as Roberts first sketches.

    1. Robert was the lead? Interesting. I hate his MB stuff though. But love his lectures when he visits his homeland. 🇸🇮

    2. @Alaskan donut Yes… the concept cars area at first modelled in clay, adding some parts and wraps to give the illusion than it’s a real car… that way the executives can have an idea about how would it look if it was real.

  4. This is sooo cool. What a great build. I’m a huge Scirocco fan. My first two cars were Scirocco’s and I also owned a ‘90 Corrado. So when these came out only for Europe I was super bummed. Really cool that this is in the states. 👍🏼

  5. Brings back great memories of my friends ’81 Scirocco S. Got it new as a H.S. graduation present. One of the best handling cars ever! Too bad VW stopped selling them in the US.

  6. I had this car in my early 20s. So fun. Mine was only a 1.4 L TSI with 122 HP but it is a super fun car!

    1. 122hp and “super fun” don’t really seem to go in the same sentence too me…

      My Passat has 170hp (which drives more like 190hp) and I’d say it’s decently fun. 🤷

    2. @Jason O well you did not drive the scirocco, only people who drove them know how fun they are. Just because it’s not extremely fast does not mean it’s not fun. I had a tlx a spec and now a mach E GT performance with 480hp and the scirocco was more fun to drive around corners. The GT is just extreme fast off the line.

    3. @SCOTT the BULLET I test drove a Jetta which also had 120hp… It was terrible.

      Otherwise, I could say the same thing about my Passat. After lowering it, putting aftermarket wheels on it, and increasing the front and rear track, I would bet money it corners just as good as your Scirocco.

    4. @SCOTT the BULLET Cars like the Mazda Miata / MX5 prove that you don’t need lots of power to make a fun car.

  7. sick car, cool idea, and i really enjoy doug reviewing a quality modified car in his style + i really want to
    see more!

  8. I remember when these came out, looks so good in person but this one is spectacular! Great job to the owner

  9. I’ve seen these in person when I lived overseas. The most striking aspect of the Scirocco is how low and wide it is. It’s basically a squished Golf. I think the dimensions are just a few inches different here and there but it makes a huge difference in terms of looks.

  10. I’m from Singapore and I currently own a 2011 Scirocco 1.4 TSI for 3 months so far. Although the practicality lacks in certain areas, it really is a fun car to drive not to mention how good it looks exterior-wise. It really brings me back to the last days of simple automaking in the late 2000s/early 2010s. One thing for certain that I’m not really a big fan of when it comes to the Scirocco is the massive A-pillars, you really gotta crank your neck to look out for curbs or anything of that sort whenever you’re making right turns in a junction.

    It does however have an infamous reputation in Singapore because of the fact that many delinquents favour the Scirocco, there have been many cases and incidents where Sciroccos would get into stupid accidents and even put other drivers in danger, just a little fact.

    1. @TVCH LORD Sciroccos are pretty budget friendly in europe thats why alot of youngsters drive them first cars usually tend to be Scirocco, Audi A3 8P 3 Door (i own one myself awesome car as well) mk6 golf 3 door usually or a mk5 golf, they all tend to be around the sam area depending on the specs and year they are around 5k to 10k

    2. Actually my mistake even the very nice models tend to end at around 8.5k euro in my country so yup pretty inexpensive for first cars

  11. Over in the UK they’re pretty common and you see these fairly often. They do look pretty cool on the road. It’s the sort of car where when you see one you say to yourself “Oo nice Scirocco!”. Strange to think that they’re rare in other parts of the world.

    1. I want this car, but I live in California. I know this will be stolen within a week over here

  12. I love the fact Doug knows VW facts and our VAG events such as H20i…I always wanted to convert my Eos to a Rocco’ but totaled it before I could make that happen. This is a great build and hope to have one of these in my garage when they turn 25yr old

  13. I wish Doug would review more modified cars like this, he does VERY well at explaining and reviewing these cars

    1. Does he though? We watched this 20+ minute video and I’m still not sure if it’s single or twin turbo

    2. Imagine doug in a 700hp sleeper slammed civic 😂😂😂 i would f-ing die to see how much fun he would have tho ripping a street legal go-cart lol peace and love brotha stay safe

  14. Gorgeous car. Truly a work of love. Excellent video as always Doug. Thank you for sharing this unique piece with us.

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