This Volvo 960 Was a Special Limousine for Diplomats


This is the Volvo 960, an unique limousine for diplomats. Today I'm evaluating this Volvo 960, and I'll show you all the lots of peculiarities and features. I'm also going to get behind the wheel of the Volvo 960 and reveal you what it resembles to .


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00:00 THIS …
00:37 It Could Be Yours On CARS & BIDS!!!
01:11 Summary
04:09 The Stretch
05:13 Luxurious Rear Seating
08:45 Interior Quirks & Characteristic
13:02 Powertrain
14:34 Exterior Quirks & Characteristic
16:54 Driving Experience
20:50 Last Ideas
21:18 DougScore

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This Volvo 960 Was a Special Limousine for Diplomats

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    1. @Paulie Gualtieri I figure they would fall in to the more normal daily driver videos. Sunday. However, a sports or weird EV could be in the other videos.

  1. The normal 960 Volvos are super common here in Germany and you still see them regularly on the Autobahn, shows how reliable these are!
    Also would love to see more 80s and 90s Cars, even re-watched most of your Reviews recently, they’re all rewatchable, can recommend!
    Prost & Cheers from Berchtesgaden in the Bavarian Alps

    1. Super common? I remember a neighbour in my last flat in Wiesbaden having one … but that’s about it. “super common” feels a bit exaggerated 😉 I see 850s and 940s, even 740s and 240s way more regularly.

    1. Exactly, that’s the exact reason I started watching his videos. Supercars are cool and all and daily/affordable cars have to be reviewed, but this is the type of content we love Doug for. Hope he never stops with these.

  2. what a pleasant surprise! I have an italian market 1991 960 Turbo (16v, 2.0, 190hp), absolutely love it! BTW, the “stop” button on the seat control is there to block the position, so you don’t accidentally change it.

  3. The 960 Executive and the 960 Royal are actually different trim levels. The Royal was even more luxurious with a center console in the back with phone and a cooler compartment and an upgraded audio system.

    1. That’s not necessarily a hard fact. Some of these came with interchangeable badging and that would be the “Tier 3” option. This is a Tier 2. Also, there’s Royal badging on the chrome trim in the front, from 1995, before many remember the Tier 3 Royal even being an option.

      Many people confuse that, as most people think in terms of packages, but these were customizable to a point.

    2. @ramadhanisme A Tier 1 Executive doesn’t have the fancy rear seats. It remains a 5-seater, but still has the extra leg room and some of the electronic options…a more understated take than this.

  4. I had one for about 12 years. But just over 300.000 miles the repairs started to get to expensive for what the car was worth so it was time to get a new car. I really loved that car!

    1. ​@Jean-Francois Pouliotbut at 300,000 miles things are probably just going to start wearing out. And I don’t mean normal maintenance.

    2. Not really. This is perception. It is all routine and fixable. These vehicles were engineered to be million mile vehicles.

  5. Hi Doug. I am an expert in diplomatic vehicles. Although it is possible that this vehicle was used by Swedish diplomats, Volvo is universally the most popular vehicle for use by ambassadors, diplomatic and non-diplomatic consular staff. This is because of two reasons. Firstly, Volvo is not seen as an expensive brand compared to Mercedes, BMW, Audi, so it is not perceived as a show off car or a waste of tax money. Secondly, Sweden is a historically politically neutral country and regularly brokers peace deals between countries that do not have bilateral relations, so buying a Volvo is not seen as a political statement. The visiting Swedish prime minister is also unlikely to have used a standard, non-armoured diplomatic vehicle. Very interesting car, thanks for showing.

    1. @Ivan Lowjones It’s nothing to be ashamed of though. There are experts about many different things that are niché. Often they’re just very passionate people who fell in love with something. Could even be busses and stuff.

  6. These types of videos before ridiculous super cars any day of the week. Not to rob Doug of the satisfaction, but just a tad more of these would be much appreciated!🎉

    1. Super cars are cool to see too. What’s boring is the shower of new Mercedes and BMWs and crap like that… I don’t even watch those anymore…

  7. A quite interesting fact is that Nilsson Special Vehicles made and still make a lot of different vehicles based on Volvo models. Here in Sweden their ambulances and hearses are a common sight on our streets. They also produce and outfit special vehicles for fire departments.

  8. Growing up my dad bought a white 960 from Germany and drove it all the way back to Finland with me. He kept that car for 12 years and when it finally died he said he liked it so much that he just went and bought another one. 20 years later and my dad is still driving a 960

    1. Katohan, nättiä 😄 Mikäs sen ekan tappo? Itellä kokemusta manuaali 960:lla luisuttelusta 😂 3kpl 740 oon omistanu talvihassuttelua varten

    2. @100% СОК neglect, problems kept piling up and he didn’t feel like dealing with them. I don’t really know why but he has been taking better care of the new one

  9. My grandpa had a 960 Exlusive model. Same color. It was low kilometers and only serviced in Volvo dealership here in Finland. He said it was the best car he ever had. Smooth 3.0 litre engine and the ride was sublime. Best RWD car Volvo ever made.

    EDIT. I had a 1996 model 850 SE. It had the same dome light and someone picked heated rear seats. Otherwise it was a stock car (manual transmission, no aircon).

  10. The Stop button on the seat is where the memory button would be in cars equipped with the feature. In this car is for locking the position of the seat, so it won’t move by accident. The cel phone antenna was a popular accessorie sold everywhere in the 90s meant to boost the cel signal. It use to cost 5/10 dollars at Walmart.

    1. The antenna could have been for a built in car phone. My parents had a car phone in their 1995 Toyota Camry. You had the handset next to the center console from the passenger footwell, then it was wired into the car for power and the antenna in the back window.

    2. Some of our Audis had a stop button as well. You could configure the memory seat into some weird positions (use your imagination), and the ‘stop’ button cancelled this sequence when pressed if someone inadvertantly hit ‘memory 2’ while driving and then found themselves being propelled into a position not really conducive to driving…..

    1. That’s because newer cars look rubbish, but then in years time we will say the same about the cars now look better than the space ships we will be driving in the future.

  11. As you probably know, the 960/940 was effectively a major facelift of the earlier 760/740 models that was originally lauched in 1982. Both the 900-cars and the 700-cars are still not uncommon to see here in Sweden, however the top versions (960/760) are getting rare these days. You do see a lot of Nilsson-converted Volvos too, mainly XC90 ambulances and the odd V90 hearse. The wheels on this car was actually the standard launch wheel for the regular 960 here in Sweden, which all the cars in press photos had back in the day.

  12. Hey Doug! Previous 3rd owner of this car, here. You’re absolutely right- the car gives a very stately feel- you are just absolutely guaranteed to arrive fashionably late!

    I’m glad you finally reviewed the car, and keep up the awesome work!

  13. THIS is why I stay subbed to this channel! I do not care at all about all those boring SUV lumps, or dumb oversized 4X4’s – weird, stretched Volvos are what I care about. Thanks for getting back to your roots of why I fell in love with this channel to begin with all those years ago.

  14. When mentioning the Volvo line-up of the early 90’s, Doug neglected the 940, which is the 4-cylinder version of this same car.
    My friend’s dad had one when we were in high school and it felt like a special occasion when we got our hands on it for the evening. In the down on power days of the early 90s it didn’t really feel quite as weak as the numbers would indicate.

  15. I had a V70 from the first model year, when it was really just a rebadged 850, so I appreciate Volvos of this era. Thanks for showing us this one, Doug.

    Also I had that exact same Alpine 6-disc CD changer in my ’92 Civic EX.

  16. My father had a 960… for 24 years.. it reach 800.000km . Never had a major problem. just the yearly garage check. Incredible car.

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