Time-lapse build of 1000+ HP Toyota Supra (BMW) B58 engine with Papadakis Racing | Redline Rebuild

Davin in a Solution Drift vehicle?? Today we took Davin outside his convenience zone and visited and his team at to see what it takes to assemble their bespoke, Toyota Supra B58 inline 6-cylinder engine that is possibly efficient in 1200 . This is a brand new engine for their GR Corolla Solution Wander car, driven by Ryan Tuerck, and it was remarkable to get an appearance behind the scenes. Especially fun was seeing Davin's face on his first professional drift ride along.

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Time-lapse build of 1000+ HP Toyota Supra (BMW) B58 engine with | Redline Rebuild

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  1. I hope you guys do a redline rebuild breakdown video on this one.
    Would be cool to hear Davins experience watching a build of a cutting edge motor, plus his experience comparing drifting to stock cars

  2. I have to admit, this is one cool crossover that I didn’t see coming!

    As always, I really enjoyed this installment of Redline Rebuild so much.^^

  3. Well that sure was fun to watch. So seamless it almost looked like he’s done it before.

  4. Would love a directors cut of the build where steph can go more in depth on the technical parts of running a b58. Tuning strategies regarding port injection and valvetronic etc.

  5. I’ve watched Steph build quite a few engines now. His attention to detail is un surpassable. True artist.

  6. What a lovely Engine stand you’re using. The care and detail of this work is like a Swiss watch, perfect.

  7. “I’m the builder, it is my responsibility.”
    A lot more people should live to these words. I know that not everyone can be a Steve Morris (USA) or Nelson Hartley (New Zealand) but a lot more builders should take more attention to tolerances and parts combinations. ✌️

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