Time To Downsize After A Lifetime of Collecting Old Fords & Rare Motorcycles | Barn Find Hunter

In this episode of "Barn Find Hunter," Tom Cotter strolls down memory lane as he reunites with an old pal from his days, Tony Rate. Tony Cost, a name synonymous with speed and precision in the world of motorsports, worked with legends like Jack Roush, Robert Yates, Gary Nelson, and numerous others from the industry. Stay tuned as he offers Tom a tour of his well-curated collection of old Fords and uncommon motorbikes.

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Time To Downsize After A Lifetime of Collecting Old Fords & Rare Motorcycles | Barn Find Hunter

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  1. I love how Tony has been in America so long and he now has a kiwi accent with a slight southern drawl
    What history he has 😂😂😂👍👍

    1. As a former Kiwi, i can also hear his lower South Island (NZ) burr! A lot of Scottish people settled in the lower Sth Island in the 1800’s and if you visit there today you can still hear their distinctive version of the Kiwi accent with a Scottish edge.😀

  2. Oh my gosh, this show brings me so much Joy. Tom is such a wonderful interviewer, enthusiast and friend. Thanks for letting this wonderful story be told uninterrupted

  3. So many guests on this channel say, “I’m going to finish this car someday” but you know they never will. This man knows everything about his cars and has the skills to do the work. Haggerty should revisit him from time to time and watch him drive each and every one of them. Great guest.
    Thank you for the post

  4. You have got to revisit Tony on a regular basis to see how he’s progressing with his projects.
    Some one could make a film of his life story😎👍

  5. I have to say this was my favorite barn find to date,such a down to earth guy,with probably more knowledge than anyone.

  6. Wow. The greatest episode of Barn Find Hunter ever!! Tony Price is such a down to earth guy, and it’s reassuring to know that he’s actually going to finish those projects. I’m a Kiwi, a NASCAR fan and a Ford fan – so this ticks all the boxes for me. Keep that Kiwi flag flying!!

  7. being a fellow kiwi,for a small country it never ceases to amaze me how many kiwis did,and are still doing so well in american motorsport, tony is a legend, cool dude, cool story tom

  8. Fords were indeed imported into New Zealand as KDK’s, or Knock Down Kits, in the 20’s and up to around the 50’s I think. They would be produced on the line in Windsor, Ontario (crazy how it is literally right across the river from Detroit!), disassembled again and packed into crates for shipping. They would arrive in Wellington back when Lambton Quay was actually on the waterfront. The old Ford building is still there on Courtney Place and could been seen from the old Ford (and Mazda) dealership a little further up Taranaki Street (I lived in Wellington for several years and worked briefly at this dealership, however it is no longer there with just a city service centre nearby and with car sales having moved out to the surrounding areas). The Courtney Place Ford building, or the Colonial Motor Company as they were known back then, was designed “top down”, where crates of parts were unloaded directly from the ships and craned onto the top floor, assembled, and a new car would drive out on the ground floor. There is some pretty interesting history there, especially about all the reclaimed land that now makes up most of the Wellington Waterfront.

  9. I’ve watched a lot of your videos Tom but this one is so so nice and personal and cool !!! WoW !!! Top notch TOM

  10. Another wonderful show, what makes these episodes so wonderful are the unique characters. Keep up the good work and please make the videos longer.

  11. Thanks for sharing. Tell Tony thanks for sharing some of his collection and just as important his history. That was great to hear about as well. He’s had quite an interesting life. Definitely knows his stuff. Good luck to him on his projects!

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