Tokyo Drift Reborn – Underground Car Culture Goes Mainstream | Capturing Car Culture

Back by popular need, Larry Chen attends Tokyo's most exclusive underground car fulfill, which isn't so underground anymore– and that's a good idea. This special cars and truck meet garnered a lot attention and built such a credibility that producers like took interest and utilized the event to feature their Hyperforce concept car along with the iconic Super Silhouette race automobile. Larry likewise had the opportunity to witness an event of vehicle unicorns when a regional group of Kaido Racers showed up, permitting him to satisfy and photograph them.


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Tokyo Drift Reborn – Underground Car Culture Goes Mainstream | Capturing Car Culture

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    1. Same with bump the guy got stuck on..everybody pointing at it at joking about it yet the didn’t show it..

  1. The level of respect all the attendees show is brilliant and pure class. No sillyness. Just appreciation of fantastic machines. Take note the UK.

  2. We been doin this in the DMV for years and we drift after we chill. Rooftop garages and underground garages

  3. Thank you Larry, another fantastic video Saturday mornings are fantastic with your content , Hagerty has the right people creating content for them and you are #1 in the line up along with your creations, I would love to go to Japan for some car culture and visit the best camera stores in the world in the next couple of years, always look forward to your videos , you just keep upping the ante ❀

  4. 4:18 Nice of NISSAN that they recognized their fans.
    7:07 the way it glides on light is so cool πŸ‘

  5. What I think is beautiful about this is it’s the current generation of car enthusiasts paying respect for the previous generation and their respective β€œstyle” something that is hardly seen here in the states.

  6. That Lincoln was the most Freedom Murica Car I’ve ever seen. I could smell the freedom through my screen lols

  7. As an American, I love Japan πŸ—Ύ! So clean, car culture is on another level, looks like the people are respectful for others and their country.. I really would love to move there πŸ”₯πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  8. Thanks Larry and team. You guys made this channel carrying a new dimension to “not just another automotive review channel”.
    (It’s like Anthony Bourdain to the food scene with a hint of national geographic.)
    Keep it up! Kudos!

  9. Hagerty produces the best YouTube videos on the web. I don’t mean just car videos. In general, the best YouTube videos. They are that good.

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