Top 10 Most Powerful V-12 Cars

Top 10 Most Powerful V-12 Cars
Number 10
Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate – 759hp
Number 9
Lamborghini SiΓ‘n – 774hp
Number 8
Apollo IE – 780hp
Number 7
812 Competizione – 819hp
Number 6
SP3 Daytona – 829hp
Number 5
Pagani Huayra Codalunga – 840hp
Number 4
Pagani Paradise – 852hp
Number 3
De Tomaso P900 – 900hp
Number 2
Delage D12 – 990hp
Number 1
Aston Martin Valkyrie – 1000hp
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Top 10 Most Powerful V-12 Cars

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    1. @PD Evolution If you take a picture from Google, it doesn’t get a copyright, but it gets a video. Where do you get the video from

  1. Wait a moment: the De Tomaso has a V8 ? So why is it in this Video with all the V12? Where have the 4 cylinders gone?

  2. It hurts so much when AI voices just completely mispronounce names……. The Lamborghini Sign? The Apollo I8? The Ferrari 812 Competiseon? Pagani Hairy Cuangalanga? The Delitch B12? Holy moly……

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