Top 10 Rare And Expensive BUGATTI OF All Time | Top speed | Rare bugatti cars

Leading 10 #RAREST # OF Perpetuity

1. x50 – Supermoon
2. Coopex & NEZZY – You And Me [NCS Release] 3. Mountkid – No Lullaby [NCS Release]

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Top 10 Rare And OF All Time | Top speed | Rare cars

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  1. First thing: my Favorite is the Rembrant all day

    Second: how dare you say there is more than one Noire

    Third: why is the GranTurismo not considered equally as rare as the Noire?

    Fourth: are there really more Chrion sports than actual Chirons?

    Fifth: good video, work on the facts tho. I always find in these compiled vids the facts are just embarrassing.
    Do better research next time or you’ll end up offending us real car guys… As you probably have already noticed.

  2. Amazing how you got so many of the stats wrong. First, there’s a LOT of rarer Bugattis than those, then the EB 18/3 Veyron concept was just a concept car but the stats a mix of Super Sport and the production “base” Veyron…a mess!

  3. Supercar Blondie did an up close review on the Bugatti Cientodieci three months ago. It shattered the world speed record at 300mph.

  4. The buggati chiron super sport +300 is the most beautiful looking and powerful Bugatti they have ever made

  5. The rarest is a 1937 Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe, it’s 1 of 4 and designed by Jean Bugatti. It was sold for $30m in 2010, it’s estimated value has double since then.

    The Rothschild Atlantic (Chassis 57374) is own by Peter Mullin and Rob Walton, you find it in The Mullin Museum.
    The Holzschuh Atlantic (Chassis 57473) is in s private collection in Spain.
    The Richard Pope Atlantic (Chassis 57591) is in The Ralph Lauren Collection, normally displayed at Pebble Beach.
    The Forth one is lost with no one knowing what happen to it. I theory is it’s either in a barn (like the Rothschild was found), or it got distoyed in the War.

    Most Type 57 these days sells for $10m plus and that would get you a very bad condition one too. The Francis Curzon Atalante (Chassis 57502) sold for $5m after it was found in Newcastle England in 2008. But the prize one is a 1936 Bugatti Type 57G Tank (Chassis 57335), it won the Le Mans and considered priceless, it’s in the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum in Philadelphia.

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