Top 50 Exotic Cars In Gran Turismo History // GT1 – GT Sport

There is no other racing game/series with a bigger variety of to drive than Gran Turismo. Over more than 20 years we have seen everything from the 1hp Mercedes-Benz Patent Motorwagen to the futuristic 2500hp SRT TOMAHAWK VGT. Here´s a compilation of the 50 most ever seen in the series. Featuring Gran Turismo icons like the Renault Espace F1, Suzuki Escudo and the Red Bull X2010, but also you wouldn't expect in any racing game like the Ford Modell T a Daihatsu Midget or the Lunar Rover.

This was a lot of effort to capture and edit so please share the video if you liked it and give it a thumps up and a comment.

All footage recorded from original PS2, PS3 and PS4 hardware (no emulators etc.) with regular copies of 1, GT2, GT3, , GT5, and GT Sport. Recorded with Elgato HD60.
WheelI used for GT1-: Logitech Driving Force Pro

For GT Sport I´m using the Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 + Clubsport Pedals V3.
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➡️️ Fanatec:

➡️️ Blue Snowball ICE:

➡️️ RSEAT S1:

➡️️ Transmission – Manual
➡️️ Traction Control – Off
➡️️ ASM – Off
➡️️ Countersteering Assistance – Off
➡️️ ABS – Default

Wheel: Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 + Elite Pedals

➡️️ SEN: AUT
➡️️ FF: 100
➡️️ SHO: 100
➡️️ ABS: 90
➡️️ DRI: 0
➡️️ FOR: 100
➡️️ SPR: 100
➡️️ DPR: 100
➡️️ BRE: 90
➡️️ FEI: 50

➡️️ Firmware: 328

➡️️ Sesitivity: 10
➡️️ Max. Forcefeedback: 4

Top 50 Cars In Gran Turismo History // GT1 – GT Sport

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    1. There was plenty of sound in the vid. It’s just that the rover is electric and it drives super slow on fine dust so no tire screeching or harsh rally dirt noises.

    2. the only noise you would really be hearing is yourself breathing inside the space suit and some little jarring noises transmitted by touch which would make your suit vibrate.

    3. @Demon Lord Gaming then you would only hear your space suit rattling.
      all noises would be reserved for what is created inside the space suit, which mainly would be listening to yourself heavy breathing and grunting and maybe and only maybe the air-conditioning unit built inside your suit.

    4. The only noises you would hear on the moon mission should be from inside your space suit. It mainly would be listening to yourself breathing and grunting and perhaps the hum of the climate control systems built into your spacesuit or your communications system. Any vibrations (sound is vibrations) made by the lander would be transmitted to your suit only by touch and it would be your suit that would vibrate and make noise. Basically the whole moon mission would sound like a stalker calling you on the phone making heavy breathing noises and grunts that would change in intensity when you made a jump or something.

    1. The GT70 was a four cylinders. I don’t know so much about this car. The GT70 had only the name as a reprise of the most performancing Fords

    1. Nike making a car just shows how much they just want to sink their teeth into anything that prints money, it probably being an electric also illustrates they dont respect motorsport

    2. @Throttle_MX if I remember correctly, the car is powered by the person in the car by wearing some generator suit. The more physically fit you are the faster the car can go. Doesn’t need to be recharged or anything.

    1. Gran Turismo is the best racing game for me. I have GT racing videos (PS5) on my channel

    1. @Phill Helbig yeah I am also GT4 fans too but it’s reason why I am literally like GT4 because for his million for cars and his grafics are also perfectly realistic and also have a lot for challenge in GT4

  1. I always hated the Chaparral 2J (7:58) in Gran Turismo 5
    Because you could have a Bugatti veyron, have it tuned to the max and this tumble dryer will still pass you

  2. I’m proud to say that I grew up with these cars (even if I only saw them in the dealership and never bought them) I’d love to see these back in GT7!

  3. I remember playing Gran Turismo 4 and being blown away by the graphics. I never thought a game could look more real. With gran turismo sport and now GT7 on the horizon, Damn was I wrong!

  4. What I’ve learned: GT4 has some of the most bizarre, crazy cars of all time. This needs a reboot!
    Also; glad you added in the Toyota pod from GT2002!!

  5. Whilst many of the cars were new to me as a GT fanboy, I remembered many of the tracks… including the moon! Thanks for sharing.

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