Towing with the Ford Lightning EV Pickup was a HUGE SUCCESS!

Today we finally tow with the all brand-new 2022 Ford F150 Lightning and it was an overall success! Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Head to get 50% off your first Keeps order.

If we went the full range of the battery we would have most likely gotten 235-255 miles vary while hauling 5,000+ pounds. This is a 25% penalty in variety, okay at all. Not sure what would happen when pulling 10,000 lbs however, possibly 150 mile variety or a ~ 50% penalty? These are the very best towing numbers so far I think. Without a load you can get about 320 miles if you it on the highway like we did later on in this video. We also encounter some more charging problems. Stay tuned for the things we like and dislike about this truck.

1000 Mile Ford Lignting Roadtrip:
F150 Lightning vs Lambo:

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Towing with the Pickup was a HUGE SUCCESS!

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    1. It’s decent right now, lot of room for improvement, but it will surely advance rapidly. Towing will be interesting how they arrange the pumps to accommodate. Of course they also need to keep building them out in remote areas to make trips like this one in MT more doable.

  1. The following day we did a nearly identical route under the exact same conditions without a trailer and averaged 2.4 miles/kWh. Therefore our 1.8 average with a trailer is a 25% reduction in range.

    Cruising at 70MPH on the highway with AC on (99 degree ambient air temp) in fairly level terrain will result in a 2.0 miles/kWh average or around 260 miles on a full charge (thanks to Kyle at Out of Spec reviews data). So if you use the same 25% reduction in range with with that same trailer, that should result in a range of about 195 miles. Maybe say a little less to account for the extra wind resistance at the higher speeds? Still pretty good. Wish we had more time to play around with different towing scenarios. What if it was an enclosed trailer? What if we were cruising at 80? What if it was cold out? Soooo many different variables to test.

    As stated in the video, cold weather with the heat on, big 10,000 pound loads, and cruising at 75 or higher will KILL your range FAST. We won’t have these concerns while towing in AZ, but other people might. That is where EVs need improvement if they want to play in the mainstream towing game. As shown all over YouTube, conditions (and battery pack size) have to be optimal to get respectable numbers, otherwise range will be laughable. If you’re thinking about buying an EV pickup, you must keep in mind your driving style, climate, and use case. These EVs still have a long way to go, but they will quickly continue to get better and better over time, and we’re looking forward to it! Would you buy an EV pickup as your next truck??

    1. You should rephrase the question. Would you buy a EV truck to haul loads and tow trailers frequently? From every video I’ve watched including yours the answer is no.

    2. Give a shoutout to Tyler Hoover from Hoovie’s Garage, for linking this video on his new video, regarding the Ford F-150 lighting & it’s towing capabilities! 😎👍

    3. This is definitely not the future of towing. Only a person with very little experience towing wouldn’t know this.

    4. @Road Dog It depends on how far you want to tow or haul loads. Each user is going to have different needs. If you need to go 300 miles in a day, every day, it’s not the best choice. If you do 150 miles or less per day, it’s a great choice, because charge it at night and the gas savings alone will make it worth it.

    5. Hard to quantify, perhaps the % of users who need to do this will stick to ICE for now. majority of folk who don’t do these hyper miles regularly will prefer to go EV for lots,of reasons beyond pure range. Having just spent 3 weeks renting an SUV EV in UK, it is a better driving experience and after about a week of figuring it all out, charge is just a non issue for 80%+ of folk

  2. It’s interesting to see all of these comments lol. I know that hoovies testing conditions were different but you guys are in completely different climates and terrains. On top of that you guys both have differing battery sizes. It’s a good comparison to show how the trucks will do on the west coast vs in the Midwest. Regardless EVs still have a long way to go until they can become completely reliable for towing.

    1. no a/c?! What absolute BS – I don’t buy a $100k (well equipped: long range battery) and then be unconfortable. I could buy a 2 year F-250, drive it like I stole it and get 500 mile range

  3. That Dream house is awesome I hope you to achieve your goals you guys do nice continent and you show beautiful areas of the world. I just wish you guys would shoot more videos.👆🏿❤️🤲🏾🙏🏾

  4. I’ve never seen an EV bus, so that pretty cool. I hope they normally park on the _other side_ of the charger they want to use so they block less of the driveway.

  5. I have not gotten to tune in and watch your incredible videos! I am excited to watch them again. This truck is absolutely amazing! I know it has its pro and cons but it looks great!

  6. I was able to do a 65 mph range test with my 5k boat on the highway. I normally get 255 miles at highway speeds at 90%. I was able to get 145 miles towing the boat which calculates into a 43% range loss at 65mph.

    1. Not bad just have to stop and charge a couple times. Time vs money in this case. What’s your total cost for the trip vs gas?

  7. “The inefficient F-150 Lightning was pulling a much less aerodynamic trailer. JR Garage pulling the aerodynamic load coupled with the fact that they were traveling at slower speeds made their truck seem much more efficient.” – (EV) This comment makes no sense. By driving at slower speeds instead of a Bat Out of Hell, and a more aerodynamic load does “NOT SEEM” to make it more efficient. It is! It doesn’t take a rock scientist to know that no matter the vehicle its weight or the size of the battery, or gas tank. The slower you drive the better your efficiency. And as to weather, driving too fast in wet or icy conditions now makes you a danger to yourself and to others. And low altitude or high altitude what difference does that make? Wherever you buy, it is there you learn to drive. Take it easy and drive the speed limit for even an ICE can be efficient when driven smartly. Until three years ago I had been driving commercially since 1979. I don’t know about today, but we were always told, to drive smartly, and efficiently, get there on time if we can, and get there safely. Thank you for this video, because I had a problem with the other one and the excuses they used. Good Job!!!

  8. People in to comments bring up Hoovie. Ok he linked this so that is expected. I prefer TFL truck. They do a bunch of towing evaluations and are very fair.

    Right now, electric cars and trucks suck at towing.

  9. It will sure give nice range when sitting on the highway at 50-60 with perfect weather condition. Here in Canada these trucks can lost up to 50% of their range during winter, and that’s without any load on the back. All the test made by people that really know what they’re doing showed how bad the range gets while towing.

  10. This is a comment on the incredible inefficiency of conventional truck. So when you add a load, the truck barely noticed it due to inefficiency of the ICE drive train. ICE are at most 40% efficient, most likely about 30% for a non hybrid. Electric drive trains are 90% efficient. So it’s no surprise that towing is more noticeable in terms of efficiency on an electric vehicle.

  11. It seems the old speed limit of 55mph was/is the ideal speed to maximize range. Wind resistant is the enemy.
    I get my best mileage at 55-60 mph.

  12. Great effort guys, I guess at this point I don’t want to have to do an algebra problem before I go driving. Truck are meant for lots of things like contractors and businesses. Those types of people are constantly on the go and will not have time to play these games knowing if they can make it to the next stop. Disclaimer I think electric vehicles are definitely cool and could be the future but we can’t ban and be forced to replace gasoline with something that is nearly not set up to be dependable just yet.

    1. It’s all about what meets your needs. I bet you contractors that do most of their work locally will have no issue with these.

  13. It will be interesting to see the results as battery technology improves. Eventually, it will get there.

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