Toyota MR2 Turbo Removable Roof Panel Quirks! #shorts


Toyota MR2 Turbo Removable Roof Panel Quirks! #shorts

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  1. Or stupid people that sat in the passenger seat and said “What does this handle do?” which actually have happened. A roof panel launching into the air while doing 50 mph isn’t a fun or simple fix…..

  2. This is one of my all-time favorite cars ever made. That super light Japanese sports cars of the 90’s were something special.

    1. I had one of these between 04 and 09
      Even then, 1.3k kg was classed as a bit porky. I had a mk1 Clio beforehand that was 980kg and the 172 of the Era barely tipped the scales at 1k kg
      My rev2 in standard form on UK 99 fuel made 205hp so at 1.3 tonnes it was less than 160hp per tonne which wasn’t much more than the 140 my Clio made and less than a 172 made

      However…….my MR2 didn’t stay 205hp for long. And it didn’t cost much to get to 300+
      Unlike the NA Clios

  3. I know they’ll never come back bc crash regs, but man I miss having T-tops.
    Btw the lock on there is to keep them from hitting a bump, having the latch come loose, and flying away. F-body Camaros like mine were infamous for that if you didn’t lock them.

  4. The lock on the T tops is actually super handy, my mom had her corvette t tops stolen off of her corvette in the 80’s because she had the expensive special edition t tops. The theifs would smash the windows and reach in and take them. It happened 3-4 times before she gave up and put base model t tops on her silver anniversary corvette

  5. The tops lock due to theft. But it wasn’t just with the windows down. People would break your windows to steal the t-top panels. I’m surprised you don’t know this Doug because like me, you’re more than old enough to remember that

  6. No doug, it was in case someone tried to smash your t top glass and remove it to steal your car more easily. A smaller hole with glass shards makes harder to get into.

  7. The covers were great to remove on a cloudy or rainy day. It was a really unique experience. On hot sunny days I preferred to have the covers in and to me the sound of the stereo was better with less echo. On nice days with the T-Tops out the car was truly awesome. It was really fast too. It beat Chevy Monty Carlo V8 and Corvette V8 of the same era. It was truly an amazing car in its price range only eclipsed in power by its big brother the Supra Turbo which drove very similar considering it was front engine. Thanks Doug for revisiting this amazing car!

  8. They are lockable since of you let some one named Anthony in your car they might fiddle with it while you are moving and the wind could get under the panel.

  9. I loved my tee tops! I actually had one fly off when I went around the corner once thought tumbling in my rearview mirror but it was still barely scratched. Boy those things were made tough.

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