UFC Dana White’s Tuk-Tuk: A Full, Insane Review



This is the Tuk-Tuk, a ridiculous, enjoyable, and ludicrous automobile, and not simply any tuk-tuk, but Dana White's Tuk-Tuk. Today I'm reviewing this Tuk-Tuk, and I'll show you all the numerous quirks and features. I'm likewise going to get behind the wheel of the Tuk-Tuk and show you what it resembles to .

Proceeds for this auction will be going to the 4Ocean Charity. Thank you to Dana White and the UFC group!

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00:00 THIS …
00:23 It Can Be Yours On CARS & BIDS!!!
01:03 Tuk Summary
02:41 Powertrain
03:21 Quirks & Characteristics
03:30 How to the Tuk Tuk
05:12 More Quirks & Characteristics
07:38 Engine Gain access to
08:35 Rear Seating
09:32 More Exterior Quirks & Features
11:44 Interview with Dana White
12:28 Nitrocross
13:14 What Does Dana White ?
15:27 Unique Tuk Tuk
16:19 Driving Experience = Chaos
20:43 Final Ideas
21:05 DougScore

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UFC Dana White’s Tuk-Tuk: A Full, Insane Review

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  1. The most unexpected crossover ever also didn’t think Dana had a tuk tuk and that Doug was a huge dude

    1. Bid’s approaching $3000. 1:30eastern time 11/26. Using your right foot for the brake will get you into serious trouble.

    2. Doug the type of guy to not get caught up with things like accuracy. We still love him though because who else would review a tuktuk?

  2. I’m Thai and I can confirm that this one is 100% authentic. And in spite of Doug bragging about its modifications, this one is actually lean more on the “standard” side. I can tell you that there are wayyyy more modded tuk tuk in Thailand.

  3. doug’s the type of guy that does a tuk-tuk review while everyone else on youtube is reviewing the cybertruck. truly the best automotive content.

  4. 5:05 Thank you Doug for this masterpiece. He didnt have to do it but he did, it was what all of us were thinking

  5. Everything about the driving experience was amazing. Finding third, then having to slow down. Pinching himself. Doug, you are the man sir….

  6. Amazing review, as usual. This entire thing is a quirk, really. Also 5:07 — looks like Doug enjoyed filming that part very much. 🙂

  7. That 8 seconds when Doug tried to find 3rd gear, failed miserably and then got back to 2nd as fast as possible must be the best 8 seconds of any automotive video ever

  8. This is way more interesting than a another new limited edition porsche 911. Love these types of unique reviews.

  9. Doug, that’s a radiator…not air cooled! Wow! As one of the worlds foremost automotive super nerds how could you let this happen?! 😁
    Thanks for your work
    Love every episode

  10. Tuktuk designs actually vary a lot from country to country as do most simple machines. In Indian ones there is no gear shifter or big transmission block in the center, and there is indeed a parking brake. Also in south Asia, 2 stroke engines haven’t been used in 2 decades. Electric tuktuks are actually already really popular throughout Asia too

    1. This one looks like it’s been converted to petrol at some point as most tuk tuks in Bangkok I’ve seen are CNG powered with round tanks under the back.

    2. @@bocahdongo7769 In India too in all big cities they either use LPG or CNG. Gasoline/Petrol tuktuks are banned.

  11. This was one the most spectacular driving experiences from this channel. Doug trying to shift gears, killed the engine multiples times, pinched himself with the shifter, almost crashed at 9mph, questioned his life decisions, but still managed to have more fun driving a Tuk-Tuk than a sports car. Thanks for delivering this video to us, Doug.

  12. At 5:10, this is why I watch Doug. This brings back memories of his original reviews where his real and “quirky” humor would be on full display. I will go back from time to time to watch his old reviews like when he had his Caddie CTS-V, Ferrari 360, and his HummV. Keep bringing this side of you back Doug. No one can feature that level of humor like you.

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