ULTIMATE 90’s JDM Cars: Emelia Hartford Cruises With Larry Chen | Capturing Car Culture – Ep 4

It truly does not improve than this all 90's lineup: , RX7, 300ZX, , 3000GT, and an . With the ideal squad of pals up one of the numerous mountain roadways spread all throughout the greater Los Angeles area, Larry Chen dives into the automotive world surrounding Hartford and her automotive empire.

Provided by Pennzoil:

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ULTIMATE 90’s Cars: Emelia Hartford Cruises With Larry Chen | Capturing Car Culture – Ep 4

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  1. Thanks for the amazing series and great shots. You are the man bud. The LA shot was next level. Loving it and respect to Emelia.

  2. If a tuner isn’t breaking their cars, they aren’t even trying.
    She is freaking awesome with a great taste in cars.

  3. RE: the impreza, that wing is not a version 7, as there is no version 7 for first-gen, GC (topped out at version 6). That is a version 5 wing replica, as you can tell by the brake light. The version 6 wing has more of an upkick at the back of the wing.

  4. Finally a video of most of my dream cars and all in the color i want. Its nice to see a 3000GT/GTO with its rivals. Its a car thats always been left out.

  5. Im loving how you are giving us this extra content on all the magor you tubers! We get to see a different side of them in some cases along with all your amazing shots of the cars! This 90’s concept is so sick! If i was driving down the road and saw this I would lose my mind! Love it Larry! πŸ™πŸ™Œ Legend!

  6. Such a sick experience and the video turned out amazing!!! Thanks to Larry Chen for giving me the opportunity to be apart of this and sharing my rx7 build!

  7. Peak JDM. Don’t care if new cars are faster, these cars were all so unique of each other but yet were all legends individually and still they clearly look like they belong together. Shame a Skyline couldn’t make it in but I get it. Ironically just saw a red R32 here on the road today.

  8. Digging this series!
    That photo has to be top 10 of any automotive photo in history.
    And my dream car, the Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4

  9. So beautiful. I’m in love. The looks, the curves, the voice, the pop up headlights. The RX-7 is automotive perfection.

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