ULTRA RARE HONDA MUGEN NSX From the 1st Page of GOOGLE to our shop! Dry Ice Blasting

I remember when I turn 18 and could buy my ver first car which was 1992 Civic.
So like a young kid and lovers was my biggest dream which in Europe particularly in Czech Republic we knew only from posters! Even today is NSX more rare than Bugatti Veyron in my nation.

So when this NXS appear in my store I was very thrilled about this job. I already worked on few of them in professional carrier so I rapidly recognized that this is not "normal" NSX

After when I talked with person who manage this job for us he said "NSX is so unusual that you can't discover any photos or information about it"
Genuinely the rarest NSX worldwide … you can't find another one like this … duration appropriate with complete TRUE parts!

Google "1991 NSX MUGEN" and all you'll find is this car.

Anyway on this task we spent around 500lbs of and 12.5 hours of blasting.

Ideally you'll like what we have done.

Thank you Chad for doing business with us.

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