Underappreciated Sports Cars Of The 1990s

In this video you will see underappreciated vehicles from the 90s that absolutely deserve our attention due to the fact that nowadays they are currently sought after by car lovers.


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  1. 00:56 the most desirable, how much time spent with her on Gran Turismo. โญโญโญ
    01:51 the most misunderstood, fortunately she was entitled to a cameo in Michael Mann’s Heat in 1995 with the Acura badge.
    05:26 the technology car that comes from the future, that’s what some say.
    06:06 the vampire car, according to sources who wish to remain anonymous.
    and as I always repeat, kilometers per hour is abbreviated as km/h on the old continent.
    +1 like.

    1. I find it quite ugly and I don’t think I’m alone in that. To me, it features all aspects of 90s car design, which was too rounded and way too cute generally.
      EDIT Almost all of the cars presented here are ugly. Point is, I think the underappreciation is deeply rooted in thev90s designs of these.

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