Vin Traded UP from the Porsche GT3?! (DTB 025)

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Vinny's dream automobile is evolving?? We believed the Posche 997 GT3 was clutch, but word's going round that he traded it in for something … better. How much better? Enough that I'm making certain the reveal is under the fold so I do not spoil it. It's a 2010 ! Unique paint color, red accents consisting of , and a 3.8 L engine that presses out 485 horse power to the crank. It's what the GT3 dreamed it could be!

Daily Tangents Benefit 025 – A mix of Daily Transmission and Tangents in one show

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Vin Traded UP from the Porsche GT3?! (DTB 025)

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  1. Vinny’s new car is absolutely 🔥🔥🔥
    He has a good taste well sometimes

  2. God damn, didn’t expect a 3.8 RS to appear on the scene. Now work some magic and figure out how to turn it into a 4.0RS Vin 😉

    1. Actually, a 4.0 is a collectable car, for track use and canyon, a modded 3.8 (this has the aero parts of the 4.0) it is actually better as the real value is not that affected.

    2. @GMS03SBD well I know that but still, 4.0 🤷‍♂️😂 is absolutely insane looking at the prices of them now compared to what they were brand new. Its mind blowing

    3. @GMS03SBD I’m just repeating thoughts of a guy with a very prolific garage who’s owned multiples of all of these cars, I’ve driven zip. and yes I know the 4.0 the popular choice but I’d take an R if I was in that market.

  3. Look man *sniff* I know Ive got a problem, but I just, I just, I’m having so much fun 😂 Vin sounding like a true carcaine fiend

  4. Scotto: “Buys a project car that takes decades to finish”

    Vin: “Buys a sick car then sell it to buy another sick car”

  5. Vin: I’m gonna bring the car in and wait for someone to say something
    Zac: yo!
    Vin: ah, just as planned

  6. Damn, I didn’t realize it took a week to upload these videos 🤯 thanks to the hoonigan team for all your time and effort to make this channel possible 🥳🍻

  7. This is like when we were kids looking at each other’s hot wheels and model cars, just now they’re bigger toys. Lol. Congrats on catching a dream bro. 🤙

  8. Can’t wait for in 6 months where he’s trying to get a RS 4.0 lol “the actual dream car dream car dream car”

    1. @A And I mean, the 911R is a really nice sports-/supercar and boy do I like what they did to it. However, I don’t like cars not being driven and the amount of folks that bought it as an investment is such a waste. So for them to take a loss, not really an issue. On the other hand, Porsche releasing the touring and then the manual touring, who would’ve thought?

    2. @Johan Sidén agreed. Car speculators deserve to be fu**ed by the market 🤣 they should’ve given the Touring softer suspension and back seats though that’d make it perfect imo

  9. This takes me back to when I saw the Sharkwerks cars back in the day. Love these cars, congrats Vin. Enjoy it for the next 3 months

  10. It’s crazy seeing how far he has come in really a short space of time, coming from that 400 plus mile Porsche 😳 😅

  11. Smiled the whole video, Vin looks really really happy about it! And I understand why. Congratulations Vinny!

  12. Congrats Vin! Always love seeing people up their car game. This is the dream car for me aswell so I’d love to get to a point where owning one is possible

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