Volkswagen ID Buzz Drive Review: The Quirkiest Van!


Volkswagen ID Buzz review! I recently examined the Volkswagen ID Buzz, the quirkiest van around– and I enjoyed it! Today I'm going to reveal you all the peculiarities and features of the ID Buzz– and I'll also get behind the wheel and DRIVE the ID Buzz to evaluate the experience of this van.


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00:00 THIS …
00:30 CARS & BIDS!!!
01:22 Quirks & Features
02:15 European VS United States Models
04:13 Interior
07:06 The Pedals – Play/Pause
10:09 The Infotainment Center
10:47 The Rear seat
14:00 Cargo Location
15:10 Front Compartment
16:29 Impressions
18:01 It's Not Fast …
20:13 Outro & DougScore

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Volkswagen ID Buzz Drive Review: The Quirkiest Van!

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  1. I saw this at the LA Auto Show. This thing is going to sell like mad. It’s larger than it looks, has a enormous amount of room inside, and looks cool. It’s a combo VW Bus and Eurovan.

    1. It also suffers from some serious issue, biggest one for me would be the inability to properly heat the rear area when temperatures go below freezing.

    2. You’re very optimistic about the US auto market. All minivans are better at moving people and cargo, but Americans keep buying 3-row SUVs.

    3. Got to see the pre-production one at the Peterson and was surprised by how large it was. Looks awesome af tho I’m sure it’ll move units.

    4. @Joshua Harazin The Buzz will sell itself simply because of the novelty factor. Similar to the New Beetle.

    5. The one you saw was the European only short wheelbase. The US version is actually going to be longer.

  2. If VW had asked Doug what his dream vehicle is this is exactly what he would have described.

    1. Cool van I love the ID Buzz though not everything is set in ston when it comes to power traon, ptiving. Market position, and other info I think it’s cool but for now, it’s a misterz.

  3. There鈥檚 actually a shortcut for the heated seats. Press both the hot and cold climate slider at the same time and it will turn on, adjust the level, or turn off the heated seats

    1. @Jack Johnson in an updated version of vws infotainment (found in the new id7, which will also make it to other vw models in the near future), the car will teach you new ways to use shortcuts over time, so you dont have to dig through the manual

      and you could always say “hello ID, my bum is cold!”

    2. I don’t get this complaining about the climate controls anyway, mine are set on auto, that is how they stay except for defog and changing the temperature maybe 1 or 2 degrees. Easy access, i.e. a button, for seat heater is a good idea, though

  4. 鈥淚鈥檓 going to show you only my favorite quirks and features since I already reviewed this van.鈥
    *proceeds to show us the entire thing
    I love Doug

    1. @RICHARD MILLER Nah, that’s just how Doug works. He does this every time he has to make separate studio and drive review videos as a refresher.

  5. Now if you can actually buy it in the US without ridiculous markup or 6+ months waitlist it鈥檒l be absolutely stellar

    1. I was thinking the same thing when Doug was talking about pricing. The hype surrounding this as well as dealer price-gouging鈥ou鈥檇 be lucky to buy one of these for under $60K.

    2. 鈥婡simonisable It’s not only VW, it’s common for European manufacturers to release their vehicles to European markets months or 1-2 years prior. It’s always been like this for years.

  6. Such a shame we won鈥檛 get the short wheelbase in the US, I鈥檇 definitely consider it

    1. For real….I agree. A short wheel base is nice in crowded city parking….not everyone has space for an Escalade length vehicle in their garage. America doesn’t always have to mean bigger.

    2. I could see a lot of former Honda Element owners who want to go electric and can afford it going for a short wheelbase model. Too bad it won’t be offered that way in North America. The die hard Honda Element folks seem to love the size, versatility, and funkiness of their vehicles still to this day.

    3. You should reconsider given the US version is still going be very small overall, especially compared to many other vehicles.

  7. This car’s design is just brilliant – it brings about a sense of fun and whimsy that’s severely lacking in the family-hauler space today. So many of them are incredibly surgical and spiritless, and are entirely uninspiring to see on the road. But this? I know I’ll get a smile on my face whenever I see one driving past 馃檪

    (Now I just hope they’re reliable enough to last)

  8. The ID Buzz (in both family and cargo versions) is starting to become somewhat common here in Gothenburg, Sweden. Had a test drive last December and really liked it!

    1. @ZOLTORE I have seen two in the last week here in the U.K. I think it indicates that customer orders are now turning into deliveries.

    2. My big question is have there been complaints on the infotainment software. Since the I.D.4 was released, there has been huge issues with it, and I presume that this is pretty much the same package given the chassis.

  9. This is a retro design done right! usually I don’t like electric vehicles, or the split A-pillar, but here it actually looks good and modern, while still being so close to the original that non car people could even mistake it for the original sometimes. Somehow it also is a minivan without being a minivan. And its made for camping with the cargo floor option and the removable center console. only downside I see so far is the tachometer does not have the overhang above it like most do, might reflect the sun in bad ways, but not sure. Otherwise great van!

    1. I completely disagree, starting with that monstrosity of a screen in the middle of the dashboard. How can you even call it a “retro” design when the interior looks nothing like the original? Neither does the exterior, for that matter, with the most recognizable, iconic part about the original vehicle (the round headlights) being completely absent from this design.

      This looks more like a generic minivan to me. The original concept wasn’t perfect, but it still manages to pull it off better than this production version.

  10. Love this so much. I’m a single, childless, adult. I drive a minivan because it’s incredible. Room for everyone and everything. Great at hauling cargo, pets, or projects. It’s super comfortable on long and short drives, easy to maintain, good on gas, and… Boring to drive and look at. The bigger HP version of this is going to be a game changer and I can’t wait to see it!

    1. I love it too. Looks very practical and I like the looks too. $50K+ for the AWD version is a bit on the expensive side, but not unexpected for an EV with this range and size.

    2. I completely agree. I have kids that are almost adults now and I really miss my minivan. Now that I can get any vehicle I want…I can’t wait to get another minivan.

  11. Too bad the US market isn鈥檛 getting the cargo version of this. I would absolutely love to convert one into a mobile detailing rig! Would be totally awesome!

  12. I love that Doug acquired every shirt he owns when he lived in DC and has not bought a single article of clothing since

    1. It didn’t even occur to me that that was a 9:30 Club shirt although I haven’t been there in 20 years.

  13. Doug is the type of guy to wear a 9:30 club shirt in a video. But in all seriousness this tour manager was stoked to see that. Cool van too!

  14. I love how Doug said this was mainly going to be a driving review, but he still ended up doing a full walkthrough

  15. I grew up in the Beetle and as a child, I really liked this car and the van. They’ll always be nostalgic whenever I see or hear the engine of one. The uncomfortable seats, the lack of air conditioning and radio. Our Beetle had no radio in it. The Las Vegas Summers made this almost impossible to be in it for long periods of time. But the trips and memories it made. It’s nice to see a modern version of the bus. It’ll be cool to see Volkswagen bring back the Beetle in a similar way.

    1. Hey Ho! I also grew up with the Beetle, Bus, and the “Thing””. The VWs were a mechanical horror show; the bus would do 10mph up a SMALL hill. But hey, memories. And YES, a circa 1950-1960 Beetle with the STAND OUT black steering wheel, silver horn ring AND the Wolfsburg crest in the center{ for all you nanny state lovers– the airbag can go into the seat belt webbing} in FULL ELECTRICK style. The conversion VWs have MUCH improved handling, ride SPEED, over the ‘neo lawn mower engine’ of the originals.

  16. Saw the previous buzz video. Cool that you finally get to drive it. It just seems fun to drive. Like emotion factor on 100. Just a cute quirky vehicle. Nice job VW.

  17. I was really hoping they were releasing this in the US this year. I’m so ready to trade in my VW Atlas for this!

  18. When I drove it, I thought that it felt more like a regular car than a van and I had no problem with visibility as such. You get a very good felling of its dimensions on the road pretty quickly. Only thing I really missed is the lack of the variable architecture for seats an tables you get from the T7.

  19. Borrowed our demo Cargo from work for the weekend to get rid of some crap after christmas and fell completely in love with it. The turning radius, low center of gravity and general driving position made it surprisingly nimble. A great car to drive and without a doubt my favorite in the MEB-family. The Enyaq is nice but I’d rather have the Buzz, easy. I think this will get insanely popular.

    1. Seeing both about, the Enyaq looks to be ridiculously large for a car. The ID Buzz looks to be small and cute for a van.

  20. I have seen two driving about in the last week here in the U.K. The thing that surprised me is how small it looked compared to more common vans like the Ford Transit. A benefit here if you need to park at the shops or anything like that.

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