Volkswagen ID. Buzz Review: Dream Van or EV Nightmare? | Henry Catchpole – The Driver’s Seat

The brand-new . Buzz isn't officially a campervan … yet. That will come with the longer wheelbase variation (which is also the version which will become offered in the U.S.A.). Nevertheless, Henry Catchpole has found a method to turn it into a Camper. With the ingenious Ququq BusBox-4 you can quickly convert the ID. Buzz into a mobile bed room and kitchen. It's not rather a full Westfalia-style transformation but it is rather attractive, not least since you can move the entire thing out and revert the Buzz to its initial five-seat design.

Obviously you may be the sort of individual that thinks hotels were developed for a reason however still likes the idea of owning a Buzz. And why not, due to the fact that it's an extremely funky looking car with its optional two-tone paint (this one is Bay Leaf green) and it appears to make the world a slightly happier place any place you go.

The fact that the ID. Buzz is an EV is both a true blessing and curse. It's a benefit due to the fact that it makes it feel refined and fairly quick – not things you generally associate with an automobile like this. Nevertheless, with a 77kWh battery the Buzz doesn't have a great variety and, if you live in the UK, the charging network still feels insufficient if you want to have an experience that takes you further than 100miles from your driveway.

Then there's the joyful enjoyable. Santa Claus would definitely have the ability to fit lots of presents in the back of a Buzz (although an ID. Buzz Freight would be even better) and there is space for a tree on the control panel (look carefully). With bi-directional charging you could even use it to help run all the Christmas lights in your home. And yes, the design is real (there's a link listed below if you desire one).

We hope you delight in the movie – a slightly more perched variation of The Motorist's Seat. Let us understand what you think of the Buzz in the comments down listed below: do you think it would make sense as an option to a more conventional family EV like a Tesla Design Y?

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. Buzz Review: Dream Van or EV Nightmare? | Henry Catchpole – The Driver’s Seat

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  1. Hope you all enjoy this bit of festive fun! A Happy Christmas to you all and thank you for the support this year. Here’s to lots more exciting films in 2023…

    1. Oh Henry!
      Yes, always a joy and a real treat to watch you! Christmas throughout the year 😉

      keep it comin’ 😊

    1. @maXX EVs are a passing fad because of their many negatives. Too heavy, short range, consuming rare and expensive minerals at a furious rate. Charging stations far apart and too slow. Snow, ice, and long traffic jams without heat, air, or power. Not supported by the market. Battery recycling waste…Cost more to produce than they’ll ever save. Just a big heavy fossil fueled bank of capacitors with a long extension cord. One trick ponies that must stay close to the stable. How about a dually version of this monster?

    2. @Ellie Price Where do you get the idea hat there is no heat, air or power in a traffic jam? Most modern EV’s can run the heater or aircon flat out for 2 to 3 days. More than you will ever need. As for charging I can charge mine to 80% full at least in the time it takes to go to the toilet, get a drink and have a quick look at my messages. There is a huge demand (in Europe at least) for battery packs at the end of their life in cars, which is 15+ years, as they are still more than good enough for off-grid storage use. Every major manufacturer has built or is in the process of building recycling plants as well.

    3. @AM A vehicle like this is definitely suitable for the daily commute or to go shopping, but it’s just about useless as a commercial vehicle or to go on holidays if you want to go long distance.

    4. @AM “Surely you’re joking, Mr. Feynman” unless you enjoy taking two hour rest breaks. Oh, forgot to mention electrical fires, where the glorious machine melts down to a flaming hulk with no way to put it out.

    5. @Ellie Price My car charges to 80% in under 20 minutes. Why would I need to stop for two hours? The top ten of the most recalled cars for fires doesn’t include a single EV.

  2. Wish it was styled more like a T1 and the interior was better laid out. Does it really need to be that big though?

  3. The whole point of a VW van is to have the back fall down to a bed, but also be able to sit had a little table. Otherwise, it’s just the same as any other minivan.

  4. This is another case of it took way to long to come out of concept and into reality and personally to me this styling looks old and boring now . Definitely Novelty / Gimmick status

    1. Thanks for watching and commenting congratulations You won a prize text the number above to claim 🎉

    1. @Bavarian Car Enthusiast I did see two in the real world so far. I mean. It’s an EV van. So not really an impossible idea.

  5. Nice initial offering imo. As you note, nice everyday driver, but to meet real potential it needs an update to 275 – 325 mile range for folks who want to use it for a “camping” or “touring” vehicle. All wheel drive would be very beneficial as an option and the promised extended length version would really help the line-up with same updated range and AWD. Hopefully these options will be forthcoming.

  6. What an amazing video about the ID Buzz and our QUQUQ Campingbox. We are so glad that you found it online and are very pleased that you like it. Happy holidays the QUQUQ Team from Germany!🥳

  7. I’ve driven around Europe in an EV without problems! Last summer, 7500 km in a Polestar 2, from Oslo to Brest, to Monaco, to Torino, thru Swiss alps, around the Ring, and back to Norway! The ID Buzz would probably also manage this trip with ease!

  8. I think this will make a perfect camper. Recreational Vehicles tend to spend a lot of time parked at sites with access to electrical power, at least here in the U.S.

  9. What a lovely seasonal review – who does the writing of the content? And great acting from Henry. Love it. Also the Van of course like everybody seems to love it.

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