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    1. @TheTopDawg101 why would you hope anything about a car you’re not going to buy. That’s weird bro. Keep speculating tho. Good for the algorithm

    1. Youre not supposed to throw rotting fruit or meat in there. Its just for receipts, wrappers and various small bits of thrash that dont really smell. If you think this smells, wait till you find out that people used to smoke in their cars.

  1. My parents drive an XC40, which also has the little bin. Really neat car, everything feels very deliberate design wise. Cool lil thing 🙂

  2. That trash bin is exactly what I want on my Telluride. I hate that my wife just shoves all her trash in the side pocket on the door. This is so much more elegant. I might try 3D printing a bin to go inside the center console.

  3. This is genius. I love that efficient use of utility. As a man who finds more value in usability and purpose built machines etc, than high cost, no room vehicles it’s definitely cool. I forgot volvo even existed. The fact they did that is definitely worth tippin my hat to!

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