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  1. Check out Barn find Hunters. They just showed a C10 with 148 miles that you might be interested in

  2. Did you see the black on black shoebox with only 146 miles on the latest episode of barn find Hunter. The original owner bought it new drove it home in left it parked in the garage and it’s for sale by its new owner he also had a clean 80s model jeep setting in the background.

    1. Ohh to be that lucky and be the first to find that truck!! I’m sure they paid a fair price, but it’s seriously inflated now.

  3. I just wish I had some money πŸ’° I seen a couple car I would love to have. That Ford Torino is awesome ❀

  4. Looking at how the cars are Marshalled in straight lines, I’m surprised Dennis does not have carpet under them…

  5. Hey man, thanks for posting videos of these cars. We don’t want to see them lost people like I cannot afford them, but it’s good to see them go to a good home

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