We Bought a Non-Running 987 Porsche Boxster S CHEAP! Let’s Save Another!

In this video, we buy another cheap at the . This time it's a brand-new 2005 S design 987 generation. With low mileage and a 6-speed manual this automobile could be worth a lot more than we paid if we can get it figured out.

I need to confess, I was a little nervous about purchasing a car , specifically from a . But the rate was too good to skip, and I figured I could constantly sell it if it didn't work out.

Well, as it ends up, I ended up falling in love with this car. It was in rough shape when I initially got it – it had actually been and hadn't been started in just as long. However with some elbow grease and a bit of know-how, I was able to get it running again.

The S is a really special vehicle, and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to own one. It's got a lots of power and manages like a dream on the open road. I've put a lot of work into this car, and I'm really happy with how it's ended up. I hope you enjoy this video and that it inspires you to handle your own vehicle repair task. Thanks for seeing!

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We Bought a Non-Running 987 S CHEAP! Let's Save Another!

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  1. About to change the channel name to “JR Porsche”😂 Also should we just keep this roll going and continue revealing new cars? Got tons more to go 🔥

    1. Love the Boxsters. Keep going until your views begin to decrease. How about a Cayenne? They are much like the Boxster. Wonderful cars and undervalued and underappreciated. I’d love to see you do some of those.

    2. @Taha Noshad Nah. Cars like that are for a teenager’s wet dream. You’ll never get one. But if you can find a cheap Boxster at an auction you will fall in love with it.

    3. Keep up the good work, it’s the energy and plain talking approach I enjoy, there’s plenty of other car buy/refurbish/flip/etc. channels out there – you guys are keeping it down to earth and fast paced. Keep the cars coming!

  2. Keep up the great content you guys, you can rig up power with the 12v plug in lighter socket and connect to a battery it will give you enough power to open the bonnet or hood, I have done it myself, hope it helps you guys

    1. This right here… As long as the lighter is powered when the car is off (which it is on the 987), you can use it as a charging port. I’ve got an ’06 Boxster S and charge it through the lighter with my CTEK with no issues. As long as the battery will take a minimal charge, you can pop the hood.

    2. @Darin Delegal Yes, “As long as the battery will take a minimal charge”. That’s what people don’t understand. I have the Porsche maintainer which I think is the same as the CTEK. But neither will work if the car battery is completely dead. That is how they are designed. I think the voltage limit is for battery protection for some reason. Those small jump boxes might work because some of them have a special button to push if the battery is completely drained. I don’t know if Harbor Freight trickle chargers have the voltage limits or not. Maybe in this case the cheap product without the bells and whistles may be better than a fancy one.

  3. The question is was it a flooded car or did the convertible top seal not work? And what is the fix to preventing it from happening again?

  4. You may be able to save that module with contact cleaner. Spray the whole board and all your contacts with contact cleaner and and scrub it with a brush. Then dry it out well. Let it bake out in that Arizona sun. What’s the most it can cost you? A can of contact cleaner? I like using the Deoxit. It’s a little pricey but the stuff works wonders.

  5. The ECU sits under the passenger seat (in my UK RHD) if it gets flooded it messes up all the rear electronics. There’s an issue with the drain, which runs down the rear wheel arch and if it gets blocked the water runs into the car.

  6. Make sure you check all your convertible top drains to make sure they are clear. A clogged drain can lead to the ECU getting wet

  7. A short tip from a Dutch Porsche driver: There is a Porsche battery charger available. You just plug it in in the sigaret ligther and the battery will charge. Then you can pop up the Hood and Reach the battery. This tip might save you a lot of problems in the future. Good luck and keep up the good work……

    1. You can even get that from a cheap harbor freight charger. A lot of chargers come with cigarette lighter adapters

    2. Marco van der Pol NO NO NO NO !!!!! ……. I did that in my 2 week quest to get my frunk open to charge the battery. It WON’T work with a totally dead battery because it requires 6 volts remaining in the car battery to connect. I BOUGHT ONE thinking spending all of that Porsche money was the magic solution. $200 down the toilet. The brand named “Battery Tender” takes 3 volts remaining in the battery to work. Instead, plug a jump box into the OBD2 plug and it will work immediately. (The Porsche branded battery maintainer works great in it’s intended function of maintaining a sitting car. That is what it is for.)

  8. Man y’all wild! Got lucky with another boxster! Hope you guys having a great new years. Keep up with the great content! Loving it

  9. I have almost exactly the same 987S! Same color, wheels, etc. It’s an amazing car! Good luck getting it back on the road.

  10. I was looking into 1st gen boxters round 2015, ended up getting a 06 Z gladly, but still wouldn’t mind getting a well sorted one

  11. The ticking sound is normal if the engine is cold, especially winter. Putting in 5W40 would make it better if that annoys you. Make sure to start driving right away and not let the car idle to warm-up (it is in the manual), because it will cause bore scoring. The weird tapping sound could simply be cold engine, but check the cylinders with a borescope just to be safe.

  12. Hey guys! Love the content! Just a heads up, next time you have one of these Porches with a dead battery, one of you push down on the hood while the other yanks the cable, see if that’s easier. Pushing down on the hood should relieve the force on the latch making it pop easier. Hope this helps!

    1. earlier cars had cables, later ones are electric switches. there is an emergency cable under front bumper to pull to release the hood, though tricky to locate. or provide 12v supply to fuse panel and the switches work, then access battery to charge.

  13. The tapping could be nothing due to it sitting, but I had a similar sound in my 996 and it was the water pump going out. You may want to check that (I just pulled off the belt and could tell when I rotated it) to be safe if you haven’t done that already.

  14. On my 986 to release either the front or rear trunks you need to pull the drivers door handle at the same time you pull the release, a security feature to stop someone opening them if you leave the car parked with the top down. Good luck with it.

  15. Awesome job getting this one going! These are honestly finnicky cars but your detective skills and Christian’s handy work are strong!

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