We Bought Another Cheap Bentley From The Salvage Auction…

Well, we purchased another low-cost crashed flying spur from the salvage auction! We got this once $200,000 luxury sedan fro the cost of an utilized Honda civic. Did we make a mistake? This need to be a simple restore given we have all the parts from our last that we are utilizing as a parts cars and truck.

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We Bought Another Cheap From The Salvage Auction…

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  1. Nice pickup! Though your mention about the other Bentley never being able to start reminds me of similar issues that WatchJRGo had with a Bentley recently. Maybe it’s a Bentley specific thing? Because I’ve never seen two cars from the same brand just be totally unable to start/run in quite this specific way.

  2. Sacrificing one Bentley so many more can live. Ready to see this beast finished. First drive video should show that top speed! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

  3. Cool. I enjoy tagging along in your adventures. I love a great deal. You guys are the masters at sniffing out opportunities everyone else ignores.

  4. The trouble with Bentley’s is as they get older, excessively expensive to maintain and repair and so become often obsolete before due time, despite the quality build. I have often looked at 2nd hand Bentley Flying Spur cars but continually I am put off by the high costs that inevitably arise

  5. Good job! Fix the Big B up and give it to Owen ; he would look great pulling up to fly the GIV in itπŸ‘

  6. $14K for a nice running Bentley iz the steal of the century! Luv u guys channel since u let us know what the beast needs!

  7. Never seen your channel before tbh. I did judge that you’d be a stuck up, pompous pair. So I apologise as you just seem decent lads who have worked hard to be successful. So definitely a new sub and well done to you both from the UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  8. Honestly if you could never get the other vehicle running I would use it as parts like a bat out of h*** I got to watch a YouTuber by 2 Jeep wagoneers And the reason he did it for was one didn’t come with an engine but came with the Deluxe package interior which is all leather in this model of Jeep So he took the one without the engine stripped out the entire interior and switch it over to the 1 that runs and turn it into a Deluxe model

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