We Entered A 1,000 Mile Race With No Experience! [#MilleMiglia Part 1]

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I take part in the 2022 Mille Miglia Ferrari Homage … a 1,000 mile race through the most gorgeous parts of Italy.

Huge thanks to my partners of this occasion:.
Pirelli for the tires -.
Offer & Drive for loaning the crew car -.
AV Engineering for their deal with the 360 -.
STANDARD H for some amazing clothing & hats -.
Jane Fender -.

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On Video camera Mic -.
Radio Mic -.
In Cars and truck Camera -.
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Introduction Music – Holismo, Sheldrake by Seiscientosdoce.
Channel Art & Intro Photography by Adam Shah [] & Chris Williams []

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We Entered A 1,000 Mile Race With No Experience! [#MilleMiglia Part 1]

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  1. Fantastic video, editing is better then ever! Looking forward to the part 2. Tony is a pure gold! 🙂

  2. This is brilliant. Two relatively successful blokes in their respective fields and you’re totally unprepared and winging it. It gives us all hope 😂👍

    1. @Seen Through Glass, it seems you and Anthony get along like a house on fire, Samuel. 😂

  3. mate I have been following you for years and years and got to say this is the best content ever produced!
    really looking forward to part two as well as the podcast special. Congrats big time!

  4. Sam this video is my little excuse to get up from studying for my exams. Totally worth it, gotta plan my vacation to Italy now lol

  5. I hadn’t realised the Mille Miglia was so difficult, enjoyed the upload. Can’t wait for the next part.

  6. Okay now I really want to see in which position you finish. Can’t wait for part 2. Good effort Sam and Tony, really good effort.

  7. I’ve watched this video twice now. It’s very funny obviously. But the production values….amazing. Seriously. The editing and music is top drawer it’s seamless. It’s Grand Tour good and they had a budget of millions. I think this is one thing that’s almost overlooked about your videos Sam and it’s another reason to keep on watching 👍

  8. I started watching this on my phone and then thought “nope, I am keeping this for this evening and I will stream this to my TV, while enjoying a glass of wine”. Just too good to watch while doing something else 👍🏻

  9. Omg, I so genuinely could feel the suspense, tension and relief, this was outstanding! Gee, these rallies are exactly your kinda content, your skill set and what you (and Tony) bring to the table and made this channel stand out are a perfect fit for this type of event. You simply have to do two, maybe three per year (not more) – the STG way of the good old Top Gear specials!

  10. Loved every second of this, absolute kudos, doing this, off your own back, not just brown nosing everyone, not borrowing someone else’s car, showing us the highs and the lows and making it feel real, hard work and genuine fun! Fantastic video

  11. I’m 8 minutes in and I’m crying with laughter. Today has been a crap day for me here but my god what a turnaround watching this! THANK YOU!!!!

  12. Tony was a really great co pilot. He was literally like an F1 race engineer trying to keep Sam positive when they get a checkpoint wrong from time to time. Can’t wait for part 2

  13. Sam & Tony , two good pals having a great time and a laugh, bringing all the excitement of The MilleMiglia to our selves, well done superb production, cant wait for part two, next year, Tony Drives, in a modern Ferrari, Sam Navigates, oh yeah! and so funny you two guys are so good together.

  14. The fact that you and Tony are still friends after all this is the most impressive thing of all. LOL

  15. The only good thing that came from your total lack of preparedness was the entertainment value of the video. Well done chaps, was a great video. Well done to team filming also!

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