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    1. Imagine getting late to work and calling boss and telling him waiting for the wheel to come up lmao

  1. Wow, and I hope you got a plan to make the old seatbelts go automatic very soon !

    1. @Insertname sometimes concept car do turn into production car like Porsche taycan from the mission E concept. Also rimac concept 2

    1. Imagine your friend needs to go to the hospital and you are like “just wait 10 minutes while my car gets ready to be a car”

  2. Imagine tryna get away from someone tryna rob you and you have to put on glasses and wait for you’re steering wheel to pop up

    1. @Hantiall of Audis concepts are self driving . The pop up steering wheel is just to have the option. So you could just be like Audi GO and get away fine theoretically

  3. This guy gets us…..
    I mean who wants to see the complete process, just the beginning is enough.

    1. the future ain’t here till I see a legitimate flying car that is fully functional.

    1. Maybe you should just drive a cardboard box with wheels attached to it because the repair costs would be $0

  4. Imaging trying to run from a thief or a gang , and that’s your car, and you have to wait for it to fix itself so u can actually start it and drive away

  5. Ok now that’s how to
    Make a concept car! Been missing this kind of envelope pushing for awhile. Half car transition into pickup….f yeah!

  6. Imagine you’re running for your life you get in your car and the steering wheel just does that 💀

  7. Better hope you have no opps… ”bro please 🙏 don’t kill i gotta wait til my steering wheel pop out”

  8. They should definitely release this to the public, I’m sure it’s going to be a banger in sales

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