Well documented 1969 Z/28 Chevy Camaro RS “DZ code” V8 | The Appraiser – Ep. 12

In this episode of "The Appraiser," Colin evaluates a 1969 that has a 302ci "DZ-code" V8 and a stack of files to keep somebody hectic for days. This vehicle has a radiant wrap sheet however it's going to take more than the ideal specs and glossy paint to strike a six-figure cost. Will Colin concur with the owner's price? Or will he send him loading with a bag full of dissatisfaction?

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Well documented 1969 "DZ code" V8 | The Appraiser – Ep. 12

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  1. A prime example of a museum piece.
    Sad it hasn’t a life on the road anymore.
    Surely it was driven into the shop from a trailer round the corner.
    Great car though. Cheers πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  2. Even though I’ve owned my 1 owner 70 Z/28 4 speed since 1981, I would love to have a 69 RS Z/28.

  3. When I was A teenager, my neighbors son bought a 69 DZ Camaro, (circa
    1980). Unfortunately the kid didn’t know which end of the screwdriver to use and the car sat in the driveway after an unsuccessful clutch replacement for at least a year. This car was the same color with the same stripes not an RS but a cross ram car with four wheel disc brakes. I begged my dad for six months to buy this car. To my father who just recently passed, a vehicle was just something that you drove. Later in life I got to do the I told you so to my dad. I miss you so much Pops!

  4. My old painter got one of these new when he turned 16. Then through the 70s and 80s he got into the Pro Street movement and cut it apart for massive tubs, swapped the DZ302 for a 6/71 blown BBC. Since he’s a painter and it was built in period the paint job is very……..period correct to put it nicely. I never knew it was an original DZ Z28 RS/SS that he cut up and tossed the motor from. I was sick to my stomach.

  5. Back in 1974 one of my high school classmates saved all his money for two years and bought one of those, same color and everything. Mike never drove it to school because it was in almost as good a condition as that one but I did get to see it when we had our senior class picnic. I always loved that color combination of the silver with the black stripes. When I ordered a new Camaro in 1975 I almost got it in silver but because GM dropped the Z28 for 1975 completely I went with medium sandstone instead.

  6. Narrow rear spoiler, early production, so yes it’s not supposed to have a cowl hood. The knob on the seat is supposed to be chrome not black.
    Gorgeous car. Worth every penny.

  7. my dad had a special order 69 Camaro RS.. bought new off the showroom floor, sadly it was stolen a year and a half after he bought it. Police in Romulus sent him a ticket a few month later.. they found the frame with the license plate wired to it on a road by Detroit Metro Airport. Guess the thieves didn’t know to keep the car whole.

  8. Only 3-6k of these were ever made, but I’ve seen about 12,000 of them at car shows and elsewhere.

  9. This owner was refreshing to see. So many folks are delusional about their car’s value, so it was nice to see someone so down to earth on the matter.

    You’re emotions or attachment to a car have zero to do with actual value. Market dictates value. Period.

  10. What a beautiful car ,my brother had a Z28 back then, I remember him saying the transmission case kept cracking…. he probably should have kept it.😭

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