What Happens to All the Coffee Walk Cars? Welcome to Restoration Revival!

Welcome to Coffee Stroll Episode 250!

This is a very unique episode for everybody. It has been a huge task to handle and a huge learning experience but I couldn't be more grateful we have the team to do it!
Welcome to the inaugural Restoration Revival Auction!



@patterns. media.

(Jeep CJ & Wrangler Professionals):.
Phone: 972-442-6189.
Address: 3101 W FM 544 Wylie, TX 75098.
Email: Social@.com.

BLKMTN (Jeep JK & JL Components, Accessories, Conversions & Upgrades):.

* All Audio and SFX legally downloaded and licensed from Envato.

What Happens to All the Coffee Walk Cars? Welcome to Restoration Revival!

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  1. With the absolute pinnacle of honesty I can display, I’d like to say that I just love you guys, Dennis, Alex, Shawn P, James, Kelsey, Zack etc.
    Dennis is without question one of the most knowledgeable car guys in the industry….and at the same time always presents himself and his staff with the highest level of respect and integrity I’ve ever seen. I never miss an episode, regardless of what y’all are chasing, recovering or dealing with. Thank you immensely for the pure, holsum entertainment and education that you and your channel provides to us. 💙

    1. Thank you Dale. I have been searching for the right way to say what you have just written. ( Love from England )

  2. Think Dennis ma have taken a beating,but he sure as hell kept his subscibers happy,great to see the whole team there and i am looking forward to more OUTSTANDING coffee walks.

    1. It’s the market, fall sales generally get better dollars on projects. People want buy running driving ones or mint since car show season started. The nice part there no way they lose value with how new prices are as well as new regulations for non classics.

    2. @K A No, but we can understand what he himself said. Jeez, this stuff isn’t difficult…….

    3. @K A dude…he is just guessing based on Dennis’ own comments, cut him some slack! It is probably hard for Dennis to even know what he made too when u factor in land use costs, labor of staff…costs to acquire , fuel, transport…etc. It all adds up. I would bet at the end of the day it’s not near as lucrative as people might think but I have an idea that Dennis does it more for the love of rescuing the cars. His Jeep business probably is way more profitable with the volume. I am just glad he an the team do all of this and take us along for the ride. They don’t have to but the choose to so we are lucky.

  3. Thanks for another great episode and really liked the sit down summary discussion. How about the guy with the blower for the Mustang = wow!! So glad you got that!!!

  4. Thx for a very different episode. Coolest part was the Cannonball Jag going to the current record holder and his engine part sale to Dennis. Takeouts: a) core cars have very little upside, no matter how “rare” b) over-supply of old TA’s currently. I’d split the auctions to Mopars, Vettes, Trucks, Jeeps and ‘Stangs – i.e. target a “passion market” separately and go BIG. Become the authority as the restomod source. Greetings from Finland.

    1. Passion markets for sure, if done again, I would imagine this would be an easy adjustment to make AND bring a lot more enthusiasts

  5. I am a fan of you and Richard you gentlemen Inspire me thanks for all car finds love you both stay friends

  6. This is why I love your channel Dennis. No one likes to loose money , but your passion for cars is unmatched ! I learn so much watching Coffee Walk and love the content . To see all those cars going to new homes ,and hopefully back on the road , is AWESOME ! Keep up the great work ! You and your team are doing a fantastic job👏👏

  7. I was looking all day for a live feed, I know Dennis had to take a huge loss, bc he always pays up for anything he buys. Still one of my favorite channels on YT! Love you guys!

  8. shawn p bought the coronet…i guess my question would be why he didnt make a deal on it with u before the auction…
    watch coffee walk every friday, keep up the great things u do everyone!!

  9. Your channel is so entertaining and so informative. I am not a car guy but watch each and every video. It’s so cool to see some of these barn finds or a car that’s been in a garage for years and to know that these vehicles will be given a new life. Also Dennis I really like all of your cast and lastly I love to see all of the Great food that you consume.

  10. Hope Dennis and the crew didn’t lose too much! Such a great team and Dennis has an unrivaled passion that is really contagious. I’m actually going to order a coffee walk shirt to help make up some of the difference and show support for the entertainment!

  11. Well done Dennis and crew! Lotta happy buyers there! Bring on Auction 2! 🇦🇺🍺🍺

  12. Dennis Collins – For the vehicles that didn’t sell you should think about contacting some High Schools to donate for Auto Shop classes or there is places that take donated cars if you just look them up online.

    1. Most of those that didn’t sell are basically nothing more than a title and Vin#, the bodies are so bad they’re not able to be saved.

  13. If half of those cars end up back on the road, it’s a win, no matter how much you lost! Thanks for all of it. You have an incredible crew.

  14. Well done! Suggestion – If you haven’t already, sit down while your mind is still fresh and do what we call in the military an “After Action” report. List all the things that went well, and that didn’t go well. Then put down your thoughts on how to improve your event. Lastly, list all the different names, phone numbers and points of contact. Keep it all in a binder and then you’ll have it ready for the next time. Continued success!

  15. That was different and super interesting. The Professor and his brilliant daughter take over the auction world. Thank You

  16. Why we love and follow your channel Dennis. The level of honestly and treatment of everyone that you come in contact with is how we all wished that everyone would do. The passion for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and ATVs is incredible and your knowledge and willingness to learn more keeps us involved and wanting more ourselves. Great family, great team, just awesome!!👍👍

  17. Kelsey gives me a Glimmer of Hope that not all of this younger generation are worthless. I enjoy watching these two. You can see how Proud Dennis is of Her.

    1. Every older generation says this nonsense about the next. We’ll be absolutely fine without you.

  18. I am SO HAPPY Fred Ashmore got the Cannonball Jag. Way to go Fred! The Cannonball fans (like myself) could not be more thrilled for you.

  19. An old auctioneer friend of ours used to say, “Every auction has a 100% chance of weather.”
    If anyone wants to see what each vehicle brought or find a selling price for a specific one, Yvette archives sold prices for auctions on her website.
    I was happy with the two “67’s” we bought – I’ll show a walk around of them on my channel soon. I regret that my trunk was locked up – missed opportunity for Dennis to autograph it!!
    This day was a barrel of fun, and I will never forget it. Dennis and crew were a class act and ran an amazing day!
    The flip side of low selling prices is that it can attract more buyers to future events!

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