What It’s Like To Drive A McLaren P1!

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What It's Like To Drive A McLaren P1!

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  1. I think the P1 has aged the best of the three. The 918 was my favourite at the time but design wise its aged the quickest.

    1. More like a totally stunning design for the 918 but with complicated (now outdated) hybrid tech and a ride devoid of passion and spectacle with its AWD system. 918 is the best daily for the three though. LaF is to me the one to have with it’s powertrain/gearbox/V12/RWD

    2. Agreed, just look at that back of the car, it’s definitely one of the most stunning cars ever produced 😍

  2. Some of the best POV content of any YouTube channel – What a car….!! Merry Christmas All – Thanks for another Leetrally amazing video Sam 🤘🙌

  3. That maclaren p1 looks awesome on another level wow wow sam .enjoy your time in it .what a dream for you to get to drive a hyper car like that .and it sounds awesome loving your channel and content heres to the next video mate.from dan.m👍👍👍👍🚘🚘🚘🚘👍👍

  4. The P1 is my ultimate dream car.
    All the sounds it makes when driving is just incredible. Your pov angle is so good, makes it feel almost real!

  5. One of the greatest cars ever made. With the correct design spec tyres (I think it is Pirelli P-Zero Cut Pro or thereabouts) the P1 is fastest out of the holy trinity and easily the best looking as looks like it comes from outer space. Poster car, and some ❤

  6. Your video with the 918 is still my favourite of yours of all time. Having lived in NZ for 15 years now, watching these videos really makes me appreciate how much emptier our roads are, and how much more lenient our traffic laws are (particularly if you have a LEGAL radar detector and drive normally around towns and bigger highways). You can really have so much fun on NZ backroads compared to Australia without worrying about being thrown in jail!

  7. Saddest thing I heard was the battery tech was hard to get replaced which pushes them to sit and not be driven… So sad that the tech in it is the thing that’ll cause them eventually to be unserviceable.. gonna be interesting for future vehicles such as the SF90 to see if they meet the same fate and become unusable…

  8. Great time watching, as always
    I’m French in Australia for a few months and I haven’t got the chance to come see you at the Cars and Coffee in Melbourne because I had to be 6h away for a new job. Hoping to see you in France one day! I actually see a lot of cities from my area in your video, I live in the north of France 🙂
    Thanks for you work!

  9. P1’s the one for me. Lucky enough to have been in a friend’s P1 at Spa and Senna at Portimao. No other McLaren makes the noise of the P1 and the LT’s sound so tame in comparison. It’s such an angry and totally unique sound. Everything about it is just spaceship, and at full chat it sounds like it wants to rip a hole in the space-time continuum. Senna didn’t have a patch on it for excitement factor. Such a shame that so many of them sit undriven

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