What It’s Like To Own Your Dream Car!

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What It's Like To Own Your Dream Car!

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    1. @@dnice362 The cinematography and soundtrack from lukes videos, combined with the content of travelling / roadtrips from sam, would be the perfect car channel…

  1. The F1 box harks back to the technical future of 1989 – 1999, John Barnard, Mansell, Berger, Schumacher days. It was a great time, and that’s what Ferrari was channeling with this car. Keep it as it is imo.

    1. It is but my Ferrari Mondial 3.2 QV Coupe sounded very good on the A46 last Friday whilst accelerating out of the roundabout at Newark! It’s all down to which exhaust is fitted. Mine being a manual car is a bit more raw. A friend has recently sold his 360 CS as the noise is too much after an hour! If you own a CS it’s no good for going away in with a girlfriend for a long weekend! You can’t chat! He needs a Portofino M as well. His 360 was a duel role car. I’d bet he misses it for taking his Wife & child out in. I’m single but I’d not buy a race car as my only Ferrari! Enzo drove a 2+2 as his daily & for crossing continents in comfort with speed is what Sam needs. He’ll be looking at a 2+2 soon when his wife starts complaining about being left out!

  2. Magic video Sam 🙂 loved the intro and cinematography. From an OG subscriber. You’ve worked hard for this.. well deserved.

  3. Thanks for all the entertainment over the last 10 years Sam, it’s been a journey, here’s to the next 10!

  4. I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again until you finally make it, but I do not understand how this channel doesn’t have a million subscribers. Every video you put out feels so special, the camera work, the audio quality, the perspective you offer, its just spectacularly immersive. If I didn’t know better I’d think your content is made by a multi million dollar production company. Just wonderful, Sam, thank you.

    1. One reason is he’s not commercialized. I would say names of some who are but I’ll refrain

    2. Because he doesn’t put on a shitty YouTube personality like others. Those that put on the over enthusiastic, screaming at the camera etc tend to have growing channels , but people like Sam, who are genuine tend to maintain average numbers

  5. Couldn’t be more agreed with you, especially the little pat on the car, I does it quite a lot too to remind myself.
    There are a lot of things out there still that I needed to work on, but this very moment, I had beaten myself and conquered.

    Hope this feeling stays forever with you.

  6. Sam, that intro, the howling of the engine amidst the mountainous forest with patches of clouds wisking by….. that cinematography was incredible…..cheers !!!

  7. I don’t think it’s a secret that you grew up well off, but I know plenty of people in those circles who have pissed their lives away. Privilege only gets you so far; it doesn’t automatically grant you what you’ve achieved on social media. You’ve more than earned your stripes in this space and you’ve earned the right to treat yourself. Congrats on the car mate!

  8. Don’t be afraid to share your emotions Sam. Especially on the first Father’s Day without your dad. You’re amongst friends. So glad to see a genuine smile on your face. Ed

  9. Hard to believe the channels is nearly 10 years old. I watched since your 4C days. The best part was still your Monaco roadtrips with the UK gang. I remember how you wanted a CS for a long time and now finally got your dream car. I’m happy for you. A manual swap would be a great idea.

  10. I loved the reflective moment at the end of the video. It felt so genuine and made me smile.
    It warms the hearts of us long term followers. Congrats on 10 years & the CS ❤

  11. I have watched Sam going back to about 2016 or 2017. His skills as a presenter have grown so much, and so have his car collection and viewership and personal life. To me, he seems like a genuinely nice guy. I love seeing him achieve his dreams👍

  12. It’s really great to see you sharing these ‘moments’ Sam…..because I’m sure, like me, all of your viewers/subscribers are really happy for you. We’ve seen your journey and feel privileged to have had access to it and it’s great to see hard work rewarded. Keep doing what you do and achieving your dreams….because your dreams are FUN.

  13. Still putting on a master class in independent automotive content, Sam. Great commentary and incredible shot selection and video quality as always, but high quality, slightly cinematic POV driving videos have been an emerging trend amongst REAL driving enthusiasts online and you knocked it out of the park with that intro.

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