What To Do With 230+ Classic Cars & Motorcycles!?- Wheels & Deals


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Richard Rawlings has made his biggest purchase ever of 230+ and motorcycles! But what the **** is he going to do with it? Watch and see!

There are absolutely no words for this incredible 230+ car and motorcycle nest that Richard Rawlings has ! Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, VW bugs, MOPAR, old Fords, race cars and racing motorcycles, its literally ALL there!

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0:00 The Delayed Blues
1:15 Star of the North
4:24 Kannenballs Keepers
9:20 Toys, Toys, and more Toys
14:02 Mini Bike Heaven
14:45 Downstairs to the Garage
17:35 Not Even Half Of It!
20:33 Car Barn
24:12 It's a sign!
27:27 In A Nut Shell

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What To Do With 230+ Classic Cars & Motorcycles!?- Wheels & Deals

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  1. This is absolutely insane, this man had a collection unlike any you’ll ever see. Mind blown 😳💢💥

    1. Amd this is what happens when you don’t sell when it’s time the vultures get more of the money than the family shame honestly at the end of the day it’s stuff .

  2. The respect level for this man and his collection is off the charts…he clearly knew what he was buying and cared for all of it

    1. He was the guy that bought the bike we thought was a piece of crap several yrs ago, he never put any miles on it & now its worth more than our house

  3. Some how I’m gonna buy something from this collection I’m in western Australia and love how Richard is and I’m keen to help support this amazing collection this is by far one of the best collection’s I’ve seen congrats to u Richard for being able to these amazing things

  4. what an awesome amazing collection, i honestly cant wait for further installments of this, could you live stream the auction when the date is set?? be great to watch all these items roll over the block!!! be a great full days viewing on youtube!

  5. Holy Cow, Richard! A true gold mine of everything! It’s Gas Monkey meets pickers meets hoader , meets collector.
    This auction will be amazing!
    You really are that guy who has everything!
    Man alive!

  6. Major respect for the previous owner for having such an incredible collection, and major respect for Richard for taking on the responsibility of continuing the previous owner’s legacy.

  7. The drive and energy of Richard is amazing. I don’t know how he does it.
    This collection is beyond belief and I’m feeling intimidated by it all. Won’t it take years to sell? The work involved will need a huge team of people working full time on it. No doubt Richard will get his investment back, and then some, but of it was me I would’ve ran away!

  8. Man you imagine the live auction being up loaded on the channel. That would be very interesting to see how those iconic and historic pieces go at auction. Hope Dennis capture the event because he will never get a chance like this is you life time. I don’t think he realizes how luck he is to be chosen by this icon collector

  9. Listening to the Respect in Richard tone about this collection and the man who collected it
    Has given me more Respect for Richard this is new side of him

  10. That collection is absolutely amazing!!
    Please do a series on this collection. That collection is fascinating!

  11. What an awesome collection!! Richard I would like to see the auction. I can only imagine the insanity of what buyers are going to pay for those amazing pieces.

  12. Great stuff! You and Dennis find sick things…….wish i could find nice baseball card collections like this lol. Good stuff Richard!

  13. This would truly be an amazing experience just to walk through and see everything. It’s history that can’t ever be replicated

  14. Richard im a local to sport wheels and would love to help safely pack all that amazing memorabilia up. I’m a hige fan and just love your energy towards bikes and cars and just how you treat your workers and the people you deal with. Just like that collection and how much respect you continue to give the whole complex and wonderful family that has entrusted you with it. Hit me up. I’d love to help and be a part of the careful packing and move of his legacy.

  15. That was awesome and I really appreciate the time and effort and love he had for all his stuff and I would like to see a lot of it as a museum but I also understand that there is a need to sell some of these very rare and highly collectable bikes and cars and so on and so on my heart goes out to the original owner and to Richard for trying to get it all done

  16. To have the collectibles in my shop that I’m so grateful to have. Just a smidge of what’s there would make my friends and their friends and their friends smile. What an honor to be able to buy this collection and be ( responsible) with it. Give it Hell!!👍 Can’t wait to see what you do with his life…

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