What’s My Dream 3-Car Garage?


If you had unlimited cash, what your dream three-car garage be? My buddy Kennan and I sit down and discuss supercars, regular cars, dream automobiles, and the Sultan of Brunei's automobiles. Tell us in the remarks what your dream three-car garage would be.


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What's My Dream 3-Car Garage?

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    1. ​@Mayank Soni I think it started from his Maybach 62 review where he was showcasing the intercom the car had and said: “Hey everyone, Doug’s the type of guy to tell you to check out Cars and Bids” or something like that and then people took that and ran with it

    2. @Mayank Soni You’re welcome, the Maybach 62 review was the video that got me into Doug as a whole

  1. Hey Doug, i think you should do another garage update? With some of the new purchases and sales, would be nice to get another overview of all the current cars and how they’re doing.

    1. The only thing that’s changed is the selling of the RS2 and Land Rover and the buying of the Carrera GT (which we all watched) and the Benz wagon

    1. Okay, legit spent an absurd amount of this video trying to figure out if those were cookies or eggo waffles…….

    1. I read this comment before watching the video and wondered “how the hell did he come up with that??” Then I watched it 😂

    2. After the car, gas, insurance, and storage fees, he didn’t have enough left over for a coffee table. 🙄😆

    1. Doug is the type of guy to ask a guy what 3 cars he wants over ANY OTHER CAR, when guy answers Doug proceeds to tell him why his answer isn’t good. Then he tells him what his dcg is and just names cars he already owns so that he can indirectly tell his massive audience that he has reached his pinnacle of success and has no further vehicle aspirations.

  2. You know Doug truly made it when he already HAS his dream three “if money were no object.” Good for him.

    1. @amirul zamir his dream 3 car garage is just cars he already has. If he did this video last year it’d be 3 cars that he had last year. If he re made the video next year it’ll be whatever’s cars he has next year. His 3 car choice covers a third of the purpose of cars. It’s like he’s trying to prove to everyone that he has a dream garage.

    2. I’ve always considered a testament to a successful life is measured by how few changes you’d make to your life if you could wish anything into existence. Dougs doing good!

  3. Doug is the kind of guy who didn’t actually do the assignment; he just Doug up some old homework and turned it in.

    1. Well, yes, as it happens – but, I’d allow that… *to some extent* . I mean, like the man said, those were his dream vehicles, and he bought them. HOWEVER… It would have to be to a very, very *small* extent. Why? Because he created the thing, and he expressly stated (to paraphrase), any three vehicles – but ONLY those three vehicles, forever. And, for his three vehicles, he chose two rare, (very) expensive TWO-seaters… and that goofy little Mercedes SUV. Which is a convertible. And Doug has a wife – and a baby. That automatically disqualifies 2/3 of the vehicles for any kind of family outing (as if he’d consider parking that Porsche “just any old where” ). And, while the Mercedes *does* have enough seats, for any serious family outing – or even a “full-day family shopping trip,” he’d probably end up having to buy a trailer. It doesn’t even have provision for a roof rack. Therefore, I judge (although I, of course, have no right to do so, lol) Doug’s list a /FAIL. Not because the vehicles are, respectively, expensive, outrageously expensive, and hire armed security to stand beside it in the parking lot expensive – but because Doug has a wife and a child (and that furball, come to think of it, lol), *not* a casual girlfriend, no child, and a hamster.

      It must be stated that his choices are cool, though – and he *did* actually buy the things, and most of us will never buy one of our “dream” vehicles, let alone multiple ones. They obviously turn his crank. It’s just that the combination of those three – and ONLY those three – seem to be somewhat unworkable, over his expected lifetime. Especially if he and his wife beat the odds.

      I’d even love to own the Ford. And I’d accept the Mercedes… for a loaner vehicle. . . .

  4. Honestly loved this video it reminds me of old Doug demuro. All the new supercar and latest car reviews are cool don’t get me wrong but I absolutely adore how old Doug demuro moved with all these fun videos were he just sat down and talked or did crazy things with his own cars. This also reminded me of those hoovie and Doug vids from way back in the day.

  5. Doug please start these discussion videos as a weekly upload. They’re very refreshing and allows us to dive into your takes on cars in detail

  6. I remember Doug when he used to do videos driving around taking pictures of cars. Pretty cool to see how well you’ve done for yourself Doug. Great job brother

  7. Whoever edited this did a fantastic job lol. Those quirky inserts and zooming in on the cookies was hilarious 😂

    1. I’m personally not a fan of these quirky inserts as they seem a bit tacky in a Doug video… But that’s just me and kudos for Doug and the team for changing things up a bit…

    2. unlike the clown that switches car images _after_ doug describes it, rather than when he says “this” – that’s insanely annoying

    3. Thanks man! I thought it was imperative to emphasize the oily cookies resting on a thin napkin on the million dollar sports car 😂

    4. I loved the editing also! I have to add though, when I saw the title I thought they were going to actually describe their dream 3 car GARAGE!

  8. I would have added one parameter:

    You can buy ANY car at ANY price – infinite money – but once you’ve bought the car, you have to INSURE IT and MAINTAIN IT using your CURRENT income.

    Insurance and maintenance destroys all dreams…

    (Great video, Doug!)

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