What’s the Best Modern Car Year?


What's the best modern vehicle year? Today, Kennan and I discuss the very best modern automobile year– the best year in current memory for lover automobiles. We have actually each chose a side, and today we're going to hash out the best modern-day cars and truck year.


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00:00 THIS …
00:40 CARS & BIDS!!!
01:34 Let's Start
01:52 Kennan's Choose
03:07 Ducks
03:24 Continued
05:13 Doug's Select
12:14 Some More Arguing
16:26 Much More Heated Arguing …
19:48 Outro

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What's the Best Modern Car Year?

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    1. @MWorld26
      I don’t have bunk beds or the complete series boxsets of Sister Sister and Kenan & Kel like Doug does.

    1. True, like what they want if they are speaking about cars like 430 and others which cost and issues are on another level and after that they say about m5 v10 being not realible, when it revs into 8,5k rpm and u need to make changes on almost one thing, its like v10 its not Compact car no matter how they want, but okay they don’t own one so i get it, after all, who know which cookie is his favourite 😂

    2. @Jakub Roszka bro what are you talking about i was like “did this guy reply to the wrong person?” and then at the very end you brought it back to the cookie and i still don’t know what you were trying to say

  1. you guys should do the same concept, but choose the best design year for each model. Maybe list a collection of 10-15 cars and choose their best year based on design

  2. This has to be 2010. Think about all the special cars that were on the market during that time! Any DuPont Registry Buyers Guide will show you that (what happen to those, miss them). That was the tail-end of the analog sports car, but with restrained modern styling and tech. M3 GTS, 911 GT3 RS, LFA, Apollo S, Veyron SS, the various Zondas, the Agera, the 458, Gallardo Superleggera, Murcy SV, Vette ZR1, the return of McLaren with the 12C, Sesto Elemento, One-77, DBS, 918 Concept, SLS, Shelby Super Snake, the return of the Camaro, CX-75, and we can go on forever!

    1. also, you could still buy a V10 M5 and M6, Audi had a V10 S6 and V10 RS6. That was the last call for MODERN cars, but still analog, like BMW 7 series still had buttons and physical stuff but already had big screens and all nice modern technology like adaptive cruise control, headup display or whatever. Even today you could just update the software in that 7 series and it will run car play and other stuff

  3. I’m with Doug on this one. We have a 2005 Subaru Baja and Forester XS. Great cars. It was a time that performance was decent, but the cars were still decently analog and not so complex that they break like modern plastic cars. I do love me some 90s cars too (I also have a lifted 96 Impreza and stock 97 Legacy) so both your picks are solid.

    1. As a subaru enthusiast and someone who owns a 95 legacy and also a 98 outback I do love the 90s, however I think 2005 is the correct answer. You could get almost every car in the Subaru lineup with a turbo engine and a manual transmission. The whole XT lineup, legacy GT, spec B, and obviously the Blobeye wrx/sti

    2. Not to mention the last good years of the reliable H6 engines with traditional 5 speed automatics.

  4. You both have great points and cars as examples, but I have to admit, I’m grooving more on ’97. The RX-7 may be a stretch, but I’m willing to do that over the RX-8. The 7 was a great car. Not mentioned was that generation Civic. That was the last gen for 4 wheel independent, uneven length,double wishbone suspension.

    1. I think the car design went downhill after 95-96 because extensive computer use and regulations. I have a 6th civic but the 5gen looks better imho. Let’s not even talk about the horrible 7gen. Examples that come to my mind are ferrari 355, honda city, nsx (lost the pop-up head lamps), integra, mitsubishi colt, mazda mx5, porsche 911 obviously, almost all french cars…

  5. I think Doug is on to something with ’05… the end of an era. I bet in 15 years the current generation of cars will also be looked back on as the glory years of internal combustion.

  6. Hearing Doug and his friend argue over cars is quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces of content on YouTube. Keep it up.

  7. Gotta go with Doug here on this one. When I sat down and tried to figure out my year before watching and I was thinking in the 2003-2006 era had to be in there. Great content here guys.

  8. I kind of get why Doug only has this one friend LOL. Edit: these videos are lotsa fun! Keep them coming.

    1. Hahahaha this is hysterical. I’m so glad these guys are in their 30’s but actually in their 80’s lol.

  9. I love how you can find out the order they shot the vids in from how much of the cookies is left on the CGT

    – also you gotta give it to doug for spending such a high budget on these swapping Tshirts every time

  10. Wow!! I really love these “think pieces”. Im genuinely curious, and who better to explore these questions but Doug…and his besty Kennan. Awesome concept

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