Where Are All of Doug DeMuro’s Old Cars Now?


I typically CarFax my old cars and trucks to see what happened to them and where they went and some of them have fascinating stories!


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00:00 THIS …
00:31 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:44 I have actually Owned 37 Automobiles!
01:06 My First Car: 1996 Volvo 850 Turbo
01:51 My 2nd Vehicle: 2001 Audi A4
03:29 Crashed & Rebuilt E36 BMW M3 Sedan
04:32 The Prodigal Wagon Returns: 2007 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Wagon
06:08 The Automobile That Escaped: 2001 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG
07:36 Struck & Run: 2002 Mercedes-Benz G500
09:16 High Mileage Lotus Elise
09:27 My Famous Aston Martin V8 Vantage
09:43 My Very first YouTube Video: 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon
10:12 My CarMax Range Rover
10:49 My YouTube Popular 2004 Ferrari 360
11:07 PT Cruiser Crushing Hummer
11:19 I Lost Touch With My Beloved Nissans
12:03 1997 Dodge Viper GTS
12:12 first Cars And Truck Offered on Cars & Quotes: E63 AMG Wagon
12:32 Where My Audi RS2, New Protector, & Kia Stinger Went
12:49 My Land Cruiser Remained Regional
13:13 My Yellow Defender Signed Up With a Diverse Collection
13:41 Final Ideas

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Where Are All of Doug DeMuro's Old Cars Now?

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    1. Came to comment about that. My favorite vehicle he’s reviewed. Gotta love the quirkiest cars on the channel. ๐ŸŒ

    2. @@RoyaltonDrummer922 it’s goofy but it’s nothing special. I don’t think I could hold onto one for over a decade. I’ve had my supercharged civic si for over a decade and I’m ready to let it go.

  1. Young Doug dressed like some low-budget white extra in the background of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.

    1. โ @@kurtesparon6914well letโ€™s not go that far. It has a pretty reliable transmission on stock power and can easily be built. Itโ€™s no manual but still, a supercharged v8 station wagon with any transmission is awesome

    1. Also the type of guy to consider involvement in the homicide as a โ€œquirk and featureโ€ of the vehicle.

    2. @@BadaBing.UCF30 WHATEVER HAPPENED THERE?! Iโ€™ll tell you what happened, this guys cousin ran over 2 people with no provocation at all!

    1. – Honey, a strange guy is at the windows…
      – Yeah that’s Doug, just checks the E55, he does that every year.

  2. Studying for my tomorrow’s exam:โŒ
    Where Are All of Doug DeMuro’s Old Cars Now?: โœ…

  3. Ok but the story about the guy who bought the E55 being a w210 enthusiast is honestly pretty wholesome

  4. Born in โ€˜79 I got my first car when i was 15yo. A 1964 Vauxhall viva deluxe. Deluxe because the rear windows would pop out about an inch like an old sunroof. Thatโ€™s all. The heater was a flap that opened directly into the engine bay, no fan, just exhaust gases. But it was the best car in the world. The entire front seats flipped forward with a hinge at the front. I made more โ€˜friendsโ€™ in the back seat of that car than any other. Deluxe.

  5. Thatโ€™s crazy. I live near lake George,NY and I have seen the yellow defender. I drove by it one day and was like โ€œhuh that looks awfully familiarโ€. Small world

    1. …except you’re clearly not a guy. try to keep track of what gender you’re supposed to be next time, AI spambot

  6. Seeing where some of your cars ended up is cool but also made me realize how far back I go with Doug’s channel! One of my longest relationships at this point lol

  7. Doug, Iโ€™m the firefighter who bought the E36 M3. Iโ€™ve got pics of it before it was in the accident and some of the accident.

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