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  1. It says something along the lines of “fastest BMW” I was like wheres this BMW? Then I see the screen on the dashboard. 😂 Car will be a beauty.

  2. So if you’re wondering, what would happen if an American and a German came together to make a car this will be it.
    This car is not German nor American.

    This car is actually German-American!! 🇺🇸🇩🇪

  3. Made by a Swedish carbuilding family company, surname Järudd.

    Who specializes in restomodding/converting/rebuilding/restoring
    older, mainly american cars.

    Their state/district – ‘Dalarna’
    have a long tradition of loving
    classic american cars.

    I really recommend visiting beautiful Dalarna in week 31 in the summer,
    when they anually hold
    ‘Classic Car Week’
    with an abundance of events and gatherings all week long.

    And the town of Rättvik is
    positively invaded by old american cars spontaneously cruising back and forth all night long (and daytime)
    A lot of musical events also,
    old rocknroll and rockabilly mainly.

    (of course i’m going there this year also 🙂❤)

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