Who Daily Drives a Mk I Volkswagen Rabbit? (DTB 030)

Is your tool kit messier than this car? This'll help

IT'S SCOTTO DUH! Who else would buy a hardly practical green, imply, not clean 1975 VW "Swallowtail" Bunny (which later became understood in the States as the Golf)? A Big Gulp's got more displacement than the engine but in some way the cab fits him AND Huge Abundant thanks to some seat modification. Props to Scotto for actually getting this to run, however will it meet Chop Master Zac's approval?

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Who Daily Drives a Mk I ? (DTB 030)

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  1. Dude I went by during your “Christmas Break” and Big Rich was there. Dude is legit as hell. He was so cool and showed us around

  2. Whoop whoop! Glad to hear DT is coming back. Definitely missed it. I think the best part is that we get to see folks that A) we don’t get to see for sometimes months at a time and B) we get to see more of the folks that we don’t get to see at all. As Scotto said, it gives you guys a chance to just do stupid fun stuff. We like the content, but we like you guys too. You, your personalities, are part of that content. You guys are what make this special.

  3. Going through Scottos project cars and what he envisions for them would be a cool video. Also what the crew actually does for hoonigan other than burnouts

  4. I remember jumping my Mk 1 Scirocco over some train tracks that had just the right approach angle. So fun seeing items float out of my center console!

    1. I remember some kids from high school jumping a van off the train tracks crashing and dying. They were also intoxicated, but none the less they died on the spot.

  5. This was such a great episode. Hearing Scotto nerd out about VW’s was awesome, also him conquering his carcaine and keeping it running is nice. Zac’s response to it was so great.
    Also whoop whoop, more Daily Tangents – hopefully with epic wraps at the end!

    1. Constant DT Episodes, check
      Scotto nerding about vw’s, check
      Scotto keeping it simple, with a running car and enjoying it as-is, check.

      Today was a good day

  6. This is legit my favorite car scotto owns. Smollow rear end, round lights, the stance, ect. God it is hitting me in the feels.

  7. We need more vw content. The mk2 episode and this were absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait for daily tangents.

  8. At first I was like “damn! so Scotto does own at least one nice clean car!” because we saw how clean the outside looked from 10ft away, nice wheel choice. But then we see the interior… And the engine bay…. Nope. True to form Scotto car.

  9. So glad Scotto is reviving a fallen channel so he can talk about his junk, it’s really what I was missing in my life now that I think about it!

  10. Scotto’s reaction about touching the rain tray 🤣. Looked like he literally almost had a heart attack..

  11. Just when I thought Scotto had forgotten another channel’s password… DT coming back is the best news I heard in a while.

  12. This is the Hoonigan I love. The fancy-shmancy polished stuff is nice but there’s nothing like these natural videos of the fellas just being nerds about cars and having fun. At least with Scotto you guys know you’ll never run out of obscure VAG knowledge or “Scotto projects” that are always “a week away” from being done. Now you just need to get Sh*tcar fixed…

  13. The absolute JOY of driving an underpowered vehicle with a manual transmission! You can see it on Zach’s face. Lovin’ it!

  14. Scotto keeping it real for all the other VW nerds. Could listen to him to talk about little details all day long.

  15. I’m glad y’all decided to keep DT around! I can’t wait to see what shenanigans the crew can get into! Also updates about everyone’s cars!

  16. Not gonna lie, I’m genuinely more excited for daily tangent content than most of the stuff that goes up on the main channel. Stoked a.f. that DT is back and here to stay!

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