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    1. ​@Maxwell Mckenzie Yeah, over 300 wildfires all over Canada, should take a look it’s somethin’

    2. It would be useless, not enough water. Wildfires are fought by making fire lines. Not with water

  1. This is what we need to put out house and high story building fires! ..especially whenthe fire servicrs take over 2 hours to turn up.. for some strange reason!?

  2. That puny thing is cleaning nothing: it’s spraying foam and letting the building clean itself, as best it can…
    That is not going to be cleaning streaks, or bird crap, off glass…. – it’s a cheap option, that’s better than absolutely nothing.
    Otherwise, it’s a safer alternative, that’s better than nothing, for very dangerous structures or locations.
    Pfff… Ain’t no building maintenance contractors worried about this.

  3. Apparently they don’t know about something called gravity. You always start at the top and work your way down

  4. Cool now you just need 100 more and it’ll probably cost a couple thousand since I know it cost you a pretty penny for those attachments

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