Why David Lee Started OBSESSIVELY Collecting YELLOW Ferraris!

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Why David Lee Started OBSESSIVELY Collecting YELLOW Ferraris!

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  1. I pick the red side but the Daytona looks best in yellow. Also i would choose a Testerossa/512TR in yellow over red.

  2. As a big fan of the channel – I’m missing the STG signature adventure/day out videos – visiting US collectors feels very Shmee-150, which does get extremely repetitive in my opinion.

    1. Hi Sid, I have a spreadsheet here, and I am collecting feedback. I have added this to the “Too much like Tim Burton, he’ll be wearing blue socks next” tab.
      Please feel free to advise if you think it is in the wrong section and I’ll correct.
      Will be sending it to Sam on 23/12/22


    2. 🆙Thanks for watching 🔝 message right away I have something for you

  3. This video confirms the F12 TDF IS my favourite Ferrari including the classics! Its taken me 3 years to admit it haha

    1. 🆙Thanks for watching 🔝 message right away I have something for you

  4. Sam, I watched your original video with David Lee back in the day. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years! You still have the best, most artistic, car videos with the best intros and b-roll shots. Keep it up!

  5. David Lee always seems like such a nice down to earth guy. Does he have a full time mechanic and detailer on staff? He must also have a serious security system. Gone in 60 Seconds comes to mind.

  6. Great video, and David is a humble, fun, and entertaining guy. I prefer the yellow color over the red but like green or blue over both.

  7. There is a yellow 288.

    288 GTO #47649 the 5th prototype was retained by the factory until 1987.
    Originally red it was repainted yellow by the factory (along with retrofitted aircon and electric windows) before it was sold to a long term customer.

  8. David Lee is a real car guy! He loves to share the automotive knowledge and take people that share the same passion as him for rides in his fabulous cars and that’s what it’s all about! Really a nice, humble and down to earth person that deserves all the success in the world! It’s great that we can go along for the journey with videos like this one!

  9. Having 1 red and 1 yellow of a certain Ferrari model, makes it better than just having 2 cars…. I especially love the combo.

  10. David is the nicest guy on YouTube , always willing to help people and even let them drive his cars !! Big thumbs up for him 👍

  11. I love that David shares his collection on social media, others with a collection of such rare cars don’t really do that. Giallo and rosso both would be boring without having the other color next to it I guess. Also love the spec on David’s other cars, specially the Pista Spider and the Huayra.

  12. Hard decision and I typically prefer a low key look but I actually like the yellow on these particular cars better.

  13. if you want the world to love you, have money and cars. All youtubers will respect you, all youtuber commentators will love you. Doesn’t matter how you got the money, doesn’t matter if it included signing a contract with the devil that included boiling children in their mother’s milk.

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