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    1. Did you know those show up in channel’s chats and comments sections because the creator watches pron sites a lot? Well, now ya know.

    2. @Zach Diecast Mansur … disturbing if true. Taking it with a grain of salt, but regardless, YouTube has done far too little for too long about these bots. Despite what content a person chooses to view in their free time, these bots simply shouldn’t be allowed to exist.

    3. @Ben Jossie I totally agree. But I don’t think there’s much they can do, or else they and all the other huge social media giants would have by now. I don’t care what people view in their spare time, I just think it’s funny when I see it, that’s all. I get a chuckle out of when I can tell who’s really been hitting those pron sites hard, hahaha!

  1. I actually saw one of these recently and I didn’t know what kind of Ferrari it was. I was planning to look up every 70s/80s Ferrari to find it…but then you know the whole “I don’t really care that much” feeling arrived. This is is surprisingly clean and lowkey compared to others of the era.

    1. Damn, “the don’t really care that much” feeling speaks volumes! It’s the opposite of the feeling Ferrari would want from potential admirers!

    2. @Patrick It just looks pretty plain to me, but I will give it credit since you can see how it lead to designs like the Testarossa/TR12 or the 288 GTO (I guess the 308 GTB is closer, but you get the idea) just a few years later.

    3. @Abandoned Raven
      Yes, the fact that it possess some subtle resemblance to the Testarossa is the admirable part.
      The Testarossa was such an effortless success in comparison though!

  2. It took Me a second but THATS THE CAR I HAD AS A HOTWHEEL WAY OVER A DECADE AND A HALF AGO and i wish i had one of these. Id 100% take it to a track and keep it on the track 😂

  3. Ferrari snobs hate it for not being a real Ferrari but most normal people think it’s a cool and different.

  4. That’s 215 PS more than my current car and it is a really pretty car too. No clue why people complained, I would love to own one of these

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