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    1. Thatโ€™s funny as hell if thatโ€™s true. Sitting right next to the guy, and pressing this button to tell him a single word.

    2. โ€‹โ€‹@A PI don’t get what’s so funny about that. If I’m sitting next to the bus driver and I want to get out I’m still hitting that stop button, I’m not talking to him.

  1. It’s actually a good idea. Sometimes passengers want the driver to stop the car due to various reason (drunk driver, reckless driver, etc.) but the driver refuses. Any passenger should be able to request the car to stop so they can get out.

  2. I know it’s all fun and games but it was bugging me not knowing. Here’s the answer: Because the driver’s seat can be adjusted with the ignition off, children should never be left unattended in the vehicle. Movement of the seat can be STOPPED at any time by pressing any button on the power seat control panel.

    That’s direct from Volvo and I guess they changed how it works in recent years so that you don’t need a separate stop button.

  3. In more modern cars you have to keep the memory recall button pressed until it has completed the adjustment. In this Volvo, a short press on the recall button is enough and it will adjust on its own. This button is to stop it. It’s really that simple.

  4. Okay, so here’s the thing- im a tech at a shop, and sometimes when i get in a customers vehicle to pull it in, the person is so short that when the memory seat starts to go into position, it will crush my knees into the dash if i can’t hit the controls in time to stop it.

    This would be very useful in modern cars with a memory seat function.

  5. It helps with setting the position. It locks the underside of the seat, into one of the holes on the seatframe. It overrules the slider, which is less accurate.

  6. As someone who got crushed twice today by my mom’s Honda Pilot automatically adjusting to the computer preset for my 5′ tall mother while I’m 6’2″, I really wish I had an emergency stop button on the seat.

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