Why Ferrari Should Make Manuals #shorts

should make manual transmission automobiles! stopped making manuals about 15 years back– but they must continue. Today I'm going to describe why needs to revive the manual, and why it would be an excellent company choice to do simply that. #dougdemuro #ferrari #supercars

Why Ferrari Should Make Manuals #shorts

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    1. Ferrari doesn’t care, all Ferrari sells is exclusivity. The list of things Ferrari could do to boost sales is endless, but THEY DONT CARE. Ferrari won’t sell you a car if you’ve never owned one and they won’t seed you one if you didn’t buy the one before.

    2. @Heitor Ferreira Ferrari doesn’t do things because they blackmail their costumers into taking whatever Ferrari gives them “or else”. When was the last time Ferrari got praised for build quality?

    3. @Ryan Smith it’s not about that. Nonetheless, Ferrari making a new manual car wouldn’t make sense, because all the people that would want a manual Ferrari wouldn’t buy it because the rules that come with owning a Ferrari.

    4. @Heitor Ferreira The reason why they don’t sell manuals is because most people that would want a manual Ferrari, wouldn’t but it because the rules that comes with owning a Ferrari.

  1. A Ferrari 296 GTB without the hybrid system and a manual gearbox would be out of this world. Their new twin turbo V6 sounds like a baby V12. Whats not to like.

    1. It’s probably still possible to keep the hybrid system and still have a manual, see Honda insight/CRZ

  2. the one time ferrari isn’t using someone to their advantage to suck every penny out of their customers

    1. The original video is sooo good it should be an obligated presentation to the board of directors.

    2. And I’m glad because I would often skip videos but the shorts would lure me in because it was better or more interesting than I expected. However, not this one.

  3. Manual Transmission package: third pedal, H pattern shifter, H pattern badge, prancing horse knob, silver engraved gate… $35,315.75

    1. If they do manuals it’ll probably be really select customers who keep the car in a box and drive it 5 miles and sell it for a profit

    2. They will never do it. It makes no sense, cuz the people that would want it, wouldn’t get it anyways because they would be annoyed with all the rules that comes with a Ferrari.

  4. Didn’t Hoovie just increase the value of his 599 with a manual upgrade like 3 times what he paid for the upgrade?

  5. Idk I think the main reason why there so expensive as a manual is due to the fact that the numbers are limited. If each car was released as a manual only it would take away the rarity of it thus decreasing the value. Same as when Ferrari release limited editions of the car.

  6. As I drive a Portofino M just about daily, the F1 transmission is the best for city driving and Grand Touring. When I want a sporty or race like feel I use the paddle shifters.

    1. Damn, alright bro that’s impressive as a daily drive. What job you got?

      Tbh if I ever had enough money to buy a ferrari I’d 100% be using it as a daily drive lol

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