Why I Bought A Porsche Panamera!

In this video, I reveal my brand-new 'daily motorist', a 2018 Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport Turismo!

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Why I Bought A Porsche Panamera!

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  1. Been waiting for this video for so long, it looks just as good as you described it on the podcast. Definitely keep it red looks mega

    1. Not gonna lie, I have thought about putting it on my car. Just haven’t figured out how to wire up a switcher between the regular front came to save my carbon splitter and a night vision cam.

  2. Tony wasn’t lying Sam does seem to have a propensity for the deployment of linguistically vibrant expressions, often imbued with a robust and colorful vernacular.😂

  3. Hearing Sam claim not to be wealthy with his multiple Porsches and Ferrari is like hearing Rishi Sunak saying he understands the plight of the working classes.
    Really nice car filmed in a beautiful location. Keep up the good work.

    1. I think what happens is when you have money, you get surrounded by people who have even more than you. He has friends who order hyper cars with no thought about it. I can see how the perspective can get warped on what wealthy is. Sam is a good egg though, don’t be too harsh on him!

    2. @@Druezyyou also just always compare yourself to people more and more wealthy as you progress

      Humans strive on having something to work towards

    3. Agree, think he needs to realise having multiple cars and living in London is a pretty good indication he is indeed wealthy!

    4. Sure, I’ll agree with you halfway. But he’s made buying ostentatious cars his JOB. I have a crazy computer and some 100,000 pound software no one else needs. Not because I’m wealthy but because it’s for work

    5. This car is anywhere between £40 and £50k so not an ultra expensive car. Some creative financing and a trade-in and its manageable.

  4. Thank you, congrats on the new family hauler! Beautiful area to film. Since the car as plenty of room, perhaps for old times sake, you can go spotting with the lads in London. Or visit Luke, test the performance of the Panamera on those Alpine mountain roads. Cheers Sam, I hope the new car takes you far and wide to give us these cool Seen Through Glass videos and vlogs to enjoy 👍😊

    1. @@fcvb1236 Sadly most customers tend towards SUVs but I just don’t understand why. I once took the VW lineup and compared all models based on factors such as price, cargo capacity, fuel consumption etc. The SUVs performed the worst while cars such as the Golf, Passat and Touran performed best. So how is it that SUVs are so popular? They are literally the worst option overall. The only reason I can understand is old people preferring the higher seat for getting in and out.

    2. @@AspireTurbo for a family of 5, the middle seat in the second row is never big enough in any estate/saloon car, an SUV or MPV is the only option

    3. @@Ssh52 , how many SUV owners are “families of 5”? Families have fewer and fewer kids but still the number of SUVs bought keeps increasing. All I see around my area are soccer moms with Chevy Suburbans, taking their one child to school.

  5. Absolutely overjoyed to see this on the channel finally! By far your coolest daily imo. SO excited to see how this one turns out…

  6. If you’re feeling a bit gloomy – watch Sam and you suddenly feel more positive and happier. Sam is like a positive fix for the week!

    1. @@ffcrackeryeah because the finance just pays itself and anyone can just finance any car

  7. Welcome to the club. Got the V8 estate (Turbo) and it’s absolutely the best car I’ve owned. AND IT CAN TOW 2,300KG!!!!

    1. Sadly you can’t tow with the hybrid 👎 all the battery stuff is in the way of the mounting point

  8. Congratulations Sam. I bought a Brewster Green Sport Turismo GTS a few weeks ago. Amazing family car. Enjoy your channel. Keep up the good work!

  9. Congratulations! I bought the same Gen 2 panny five years ago, and like you usually change(d) every 18 months but just love this car so much I haven’t felt the need to. Enjoy in good health!

  10. I have to say, I don’t get to watch your videos much anymore, but I love coming back to see what you’re up to. Been too busy lately but it’s been great to see the progression from the 4C up to now.

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