Why is this optioned 1966 Dodge Charger so overpriced? | The Appraiser

Episode: 26

In this episode of "The Appraiser," Colin has the pleasure of examining a rust free 1966 from the Arizona desert with all the ideal factory choices. It has a 383ci , Black on black color scheme with chrome finish, factory 4-speed, center console, and container seats both front and rear. Will the owner be surprised by the price? Will Colin discover any major flaws? Tune in and learn.

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Why is this optioned 1966 so overpriced? | The Appraiser

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  1. Awesome car. And I’m not even a mopar guy. People get so hung up about originality. The car looks to be 90% original. The kid is enjoying it and that beats a perfect garage queen any day in my book. Good on you young man.

  2. November of 1982 bought a 66 Charger for $800, my intent was to build a short track race car. The seller said it was a big block car, maybe even a hemi. When I bought it the engine was an old wide block 318 and the seller gave me a 426 hemi he had sitting next to his garage. The fender tag showed the original engine was a 361. I built a race car out of it, pulling the 318 and installed a 440 from an ex sheriffs car. The fifth race of the year I was hit by a car that was spinning and knocked into the front stretch wall. The impact ripped the right front suspension and most of the subframe from the car. Plus I flipped over onto the roof and was hit in the driver’s door by another car. Hauled the car home and parked it next to a 69 Charger body I had. Spent a week moving everything from one car to the other. The next Saturday night I was back on the track. I sold the hemi to a guy running top alcohol funny cars for $2000.

  3. Great car, just as cool in real life, and Danny’s even greater and cooler than his car!!! Watch out world, Danny Fresh is coming to ya in his 66 Charger 😎🤩

  4. Nice to see first-gen Chargers getting some love, but they may still be the least-expensive way to get into a 426 Hemi car.

  5. My Grandfather taught me how to drive in his ’67 383 Charger, metallic blue with white leather interior and automatic trans. Loved that car!

  6. I’m sad you didn’t show another best interior feature of this car. It’s electroluminescent dash lighting. Still all kidding aside absolutely beautiful car in black. I’m not a Mopar guy either but I think the fist generation Charger is the best of the bunch. Probably because to me this has has a European flair to it

  7. I’ll always have a soft spot for these for a sad reason. @ 1980 My Dad had picked up a very nice 66 with either the 318 or 360, white with red interior for very little. He was out of state for a while, I flew to Montana and drove it back to Colorado at @17 years old. The day after getting it home, I made a stupid left/u-turn on a 4-lane road and got t-boned by a 1.5 ton flatbed. When done, I could hold the steering wheel, spread my elbows out and could almost touch both sides of the interior. Very lucky I survived. I know it soured my relationship with my Dad for a long time after. I was so sad to try to part out a very nice car with that tailight bringing the most money.

  8. Every time you value a Mopar I think it’s going to be some astronomically high number, but this one was right on. My gut was telling me $25k to $30k all day…

  9. You failed to mention that those back seats fold flat and are carpeted on the back. The panel separating the interior from the trunk also folds down, making the whole area behind the front seats into a long flat carpeted area.

    1. So it’s almost a hatchback? Somehow, this car just got cooler in my book

  10. Great model love the interior in these. You don’t need air it just more rubbish under the bonnet Those wheels are old school which suits these over stupid hubcaps an a bit wider for handling . Where are you going to get another one I’m giving it 💯because you can not buy them any more . Go on find another black with black go on we’re is it no you won’t so this car is💯stuff the stupid air .

  11. Great to see this car always one of my favorites. I was a mid teen at the time and my best friends dad bought one new I still remember sitting in it and loving it.

  12. I had one in 1974, mind was Silver with Black interior, 383ci with Automatic trans….Loved that Car and Miss it. Bob

  13. That’s a sweet ride and congrats to Daniel for taking such good care of it. $40K seems like a steal in this day and age…much rather buy this for $40K than some crappy new SUV

  14. “You don’t expect a stick shift in a big ole muscle car like this”. That’s certainly true of Mopars, whose owners were/are mostly the AT type. But, more than a few Ford and GM (mostly Chevy) buyers wanted their muscle coupled with a third pedal and a stick. True to this day.

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