Why Would I Smash 70 Rare Sports Cars??


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Why Would I 70 Rare Sports Cars??

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  1. You never cease to surprise me with your compassion and respect for those who watch your shows and buy your stuff(even folks who have never heard of you too). To do what you do when you think you’ve wronged or hurt someone or seen someone else wronged or hurt someone is the greatest proof of your character and humanity. Keep it up big D.

    1. Ronald your Absofuckinlutely 1000% right brother!! He will go WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND to right any of his wrongs or try to get everyone to understand what he really meant!! Keep the fantastic videos coming Heavy D!!!!

    2. For this reason is why I subbed – his compassion for things and people is amazing ! Wish there was more humans were like this !

  2. I’m a huge fan, and absolutely love/ support the videos the way they are. But i was pretty disappointed that the original was deleted and we had to miss the entire removal or scrap process just because some viewers got butt hurt. Im tired of seeing apologies every where! Just do your thing man, obviously you’re doing something right and people love the content! Don’t worry about the few haters. Just my opinion 🤷‍♂️💯🔥

  3. Great effort to pull this and remake the video. Appreciate your experience and the explanation to the Audience. Watching this from New Zealand. Would love to have the DB competitions run down here in NZ as well! Keep up the great content!

  4. Love ya Heavy D. I’m still heart broke to see all those beauties in that condition. If any company could make newly stamped bodies of first gen Z, they’d sell very well I think!

  5. I’m still with you Heavy, yes I was a touch sad at the start of the other video but I understood the situation of they were too far gone and the land was worth more to your buddy than anything. I love all the videos you’ve been making, I’m a commercial handyman and do a lot of nights painting and floor tile repair in grocery store and your videos playing in the background keep me going.

  6. Thank you for taking the time to explain in such detail that these cars were beyond all hope, and that the ones that still had some hope were saved by the lot owner.

  7. Less than 36 hours and all 6 have been picked up… looking forward to seeing what happens! You should have those 6 or fewer people record the process and show us. Be GREAT content for a cool updates on the cars and other cool people. I blame you for my Cerro gordo binging by the way… 😂

  8. Hey Bro’s from over the pond, Love watching you guys and all the fun and amazing stuff you do but I’ve got a question in regards to your giveaway for every 250k sub, is it solely for the USA or worldwide ?

    Loving what you guys do and keep it up! 😀

  9. I work for that gravel pit and him helping get those cars out of here is gonna help us so much with expanding. Thank you Heavy D

  10. I’ve been following you since the beginning of Diesel Brothers. I’m happy to see you have found YouTube as a platform to showcase your latest adventures. I didn’t get to see the original video of the z-car scrapping, but it was nice to see you posting an explanation for it. I’ve observed your integrity in the past, and had no reason to doubt this job would be any different. I *am* curious as to what your net profit was for this job though. Excavators, trucks, crew, and supplies couldn’t have been cheap…

    1. @p!nned by HeavyDspark you don’t have too make it right you did what you was told to do people need to not worry what others do hands down

  11. I would like to see Heavy D sponsor some kind of apprenticeship at his shop for kids looking to get into the diesel/heavy equipment fabrication and/or repair business. Or perhaps a youtube fan project build. That be epic!

    1. Yes that would most definitely be a show I would watch I would watch it on Youtube or TV hell I would watch it on Netflix!! I know I would have to convince the misses to watch it but I am confident that wouldn’t be a problem at all!!!!

  12. to be honest its sad seeing them junked but it makes sense when the owner told you what was what. i would not believe you would do automotive masa cure for no reason. two thumbs up for you to always going to extreme measures to make sure your videos were fully clear.

  13. Absolutely love that mural on your wall. Whoever painted it did an amazing job! The more I watch you the more I see that you care about what you post and are very respectful of others. I want to thank you and the other guys for keeping your vocabulary clean where it’s not offensive to those of us who don’t appreciate gutter talk. Love watching you guys, seeing you think your way around before you start. Stay safe out there. 🙏🇺🇸

  14. It’s a tough world we live in, having to always be walking on egg shells with everything. People always assume what they want and even after this video they probably still have their ideas. Thanks for all the great content and everything you guys do for all of us!!

  15. That’s insane. I’m sure it was already thought of, but I’m hoping you guys do a video or how ever many you need to show us updates of what people are actually doing with the Zs that you gave out.

  16. I used to own a 240Z, it was a great car at the time. Those ones in the video were complete scrap, I wouldn’t shed a tear over any one of them being crushed. Heavy D you made the right call. Love all your videos by the way, and also your great crew.

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