Will Car Enthusiasts Care About EVs?


Hoovie and Doug talk electrical automobiles! Today Hoovie and I are talking about the idea of lover EVs. What will be important in the future with enthusiasts and electric vehicles? Will we even like them? Tell us in the remarks what you consider EVs and what you want to see in an enthusiast EV.


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00:00 THIS …
00:25 CARS & BIDS!!!
01:13 Ford Lightning
03:07 Will We Like EVs?
04:21 Tavarish and the McLaren P1
06:15 Rimac Nevera
07:13 Porsche Taycan
09:11 Tesla Roadster
10:37 The Very first iPhone Doug Utilized
12:19 Exist Distinctions Between EVs?
14:13 Hummer EV
16:26 Ioniq 5
17:38 Outro

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Will Car Enthusiasts Care About EVs?

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  1. I think it’s very similar to people who collect records. Sure CD’s and digital libraries have a far superior experience in terms of speed but you can never beat the sound and feeling you get when you use a vinyl on a record player

    1. I think the best comparison is the watch industry. Quartz watches gained popularity for their affordability, accuracy, and low maintenance requirements, while mechanical watches continue to attract enthusiasts who appreciate their craftsmanship, artistry, and mechanical complexity. I think we will see a similar thing with cars.

    2. the comparison holds in terms of it just being an old technology that still has a niche following. but cars ain’t CDs. for one theres a lot more “car enthusiast” than there are enthusiast cars, and thats NOW, when ICU enthusiast cars are still being produced. imagine a future in 30 years when any ICU car has a special “collectors car” plate and permit. only the rich will be able to afford one. car enthusiasm as a hobby will die. cars won’t be something to be enthusiastic about. do you see washing machine enthusiasts? elevator enthusiasts? itll just be a tool. itll be like an elevator. unless companies can figure out a way to differentiate these things and make cooler versions, but why tf would they do that? they don’t care about enthusiasts. they care about money and EVs will bring in the money just as well.

    3. ​@Chapman Absolutely, same as audiophiles and headphones. Everybody is buying different headphones which are made of this and that, have some beryllium drivers or platinum cables but it all comes down to frequency response (usability of a car here) and with correct tuning you can make a cheap bluetooth headphone (Tesla) sounding more correct and better than some 3000$ Den Clark (Porsche). There are people who will never realise or accept this but they are not car enthusiast but rather some wannabe car kiddies

  2. One day I will most likely have an EV as a daily, but as my weekend toy? I’m not so sure yet. The exciting EVs are all unattainable for the average car enthusiast. Not many of us are cross shopping Tesla Plaids and 90s-00s Camaros or S2000s or Miatas. Yall hit the nail on the head as far as what many enthusiasts are after. The distinct feeling, the sound, the engagement. In a word, the experience. Plus the wrenching and tuneability. Half the fun of owning an enthusiast car is spending a nice Saturday in the garage wrenching on it. Doug does make a good point though. Something could change in the future that we don’t see coming now. I’m not opposed to being an EV enthusiast, and I have no hate for those who are. But as of today, I can’t see it happening for me.

    1. When batteries reach 500wh/kg or more EVs will be able to compete with petrol cars in terms of power/weight, range will still be mediocre though.

    2. Companies are gonna keep using the same formula. Scarcity drives value . They will probably make different special editions of things or one of 500 cars .

    3. I think we’ll start seeing EV conversions of older vehicles first. Those vehicles you mentioned still have decent enough mileage to still be useable with current gas prices. Imagine if they had 1/2 or a 1/3 the mpg and your stuck with California gas prices. I think we’ll see older vehicles get EV conversions, especially if ford does put out that EV crate motor they’ve been teasing.

    4. That’s what the mY tEsLa Is FaStEr!!! crowd doesn’t understand. Performance isn’t just about 0-60. It’s about the whole feeling, the engagement, the sound.

    5. I owned many enthusiast vehicles, 911’s, M cars, V cars, etc. I purchased a Taycan last year and it was so bad I kept it about 5 months. That is arguably the most exciting non-supercar EV and it was a snoozefest, too much tech, too little engagement and it’s carries with it the iphone conundrum – the tech evolves so fast that the current model is outdated within a year or 2. I will not buy another EV unless I’m forced by insane, corrupt politicians. EV = zero fun.

  3. I had a model S that was wrecked but I loved it for the simple user experience for a fast daily driver. Having an ICE sports car or something enthusiast for the weekend is a goal of mine. So for me, I like having one of each.

    1. Electric cars are not a long-term solution to either environmental or transportation issues. The main reason governments are promoting them is to support the car industry.

  4. When I bought my first Porsche, an ’85 928S2, I purposely looked all over in order to buy a manual transmission car. The point about Porsche’s [and any sports car] is the involvement. You want to experience everything about the car, to include shifting the gears. The point of a sports car is not reaching your destination, it is the journey. Thus, there is something that Tyler is getting to with regard to electric cars: A significant amount of the experience has been removed.

    The sounds, the vibrations, the smells, the harshness, the response curve of the engine, the knowledge of those pistons and shafts moving around in a coordinated manner adds a tremendous amount to the whole experience. While they are certainly going to be more reliable, I suspect that electric vehicles are not going to be the same as ICE and will not be popular as sports cars. I view my Porsche as my “personal roller coaster”, and while a 0-60 of 2.0 seconds would certainly be thrilling, it is going to in my case take that sort of acceleration to pique my interest.

    Really, electric drivetrains are for everyday cars that people simply use as transportation. Porsche is on record as saying they will produce ICE cars for as long as they are allowed and people will buy them. Porsche is all about the experience after all.

    1. mY tEsLa Is FaStEr!!!! Performance isn’t just 0-60, it’s about the whole package. The sound, the feeling, the engagement. EVs are transportation appliances. Good for Porsche for holding out as long as they can. I hope they can figure out a way to make their e-fuel readily available.

    2. @BW  no it’s about going fast. Literally couldn’t care about the rest. Such a dumb mindset

    3. Spot on. Also, the novelty of your amazing 0-60 time is going to wear off the fourth time you do it.
      Also, electric cars are not a long-term solution to either environmental or transportation issues. The main reason governments are promoting them is to support the car industry.

  5. THIIIIIIS….. Is my favorite Sunday Doug video so far. Enjoyed you and Hoovey’s take on this subject and the banter between you two. Great video 😊

  6. I think the thing that would be missed with the current generation of enthusiasts vs future generations is that the current ones have no emotional analog connection with software. I think an EV can be an enthusiast vehicle just based off the fact of where hotrodding came from.

    1. We’ve actually seen generational shifts among enthusiasts before. In the 1970s, the very idea that small Japanese hatchbacks would be good enthusiast vehicles was laughable (outside East Asia, anyway). But look where we’re at today …

  7. The feel part is everything for actual enthusiasts. I own a s2000 ap2 and half the reason why I love the car is because of its power plant. The vtec is dramatic, fun, and revving it out never gets old. Having the short gear ratio that keeps you engaged and on edge. Obviously the chassis is great as well, but if it had a boring power plant it would be half the car then it is

  8. A very interesting conversation. But I do agree that, for now, enthusiasts care about how it “makes you feel” among other things. Speaking of that, it was a nice touch that you two helds hands at the end. Lol!

  9. I love their banter and arguments. Feels genuine, like an honest conversation between friends.

  10. To me, the EV vs ICE is very reminiscent of the Smart/Digital Watch vs Mechanical Watch enthusiasts. Mechanical watches have a variety, charm, design and engineering that’s completely lost in smart watches. Just like ICE cars have over EVs.

    1. I was using this exact same simile to explain this sentiment to my non-car-enthusiast friend the other day! And I think there’s a point to be made in the other direction as well– like for the average person who does not care about watch mechanics a smart watch or digital watch provides some very real advantages/features that are either impossible or prohibitively expensive to create with just machinery. You definitely lose the soul and personality that was born from the mechanisms, but most people aren’t going to appreciate that anyway🤷🏻‍♀

  11. Nice to see two people with different opinions chat about something rather than the exact same opinions

  12. Great convo! Can we envision buying a Forza 10 or a Grand Turismo 10 with nothing but EV cars in them? To me, there would be a loss of variety and drama in missing out on the variable driving experiences, the different engine and exhaust notes, wildly different power curves and shift points, and the overall experience. The the future is EVs which is not a bad thing. However, they seem have more of a “disposable cell phone” feel to them (I hope I can say I am wrong about this later down the road). The EV market did not come about due to a desire for driving feel but for a need for efficiency. And I am sure it will meet that goal. But think of the Dodge Charger Daytona EV which needed to manufacturer a noise to keep some of the drama. EV’s are not bad and are faster in acceleration generally speaking, but going faster is not necessarily the whole story to what make a great and memorable vehicle.

  13. How EVs will be tweaked is an interesting point. It kind of reflects computer stuff, with apps simulating everything. It’s definitely a strong departure from combustion vehicles.

  14. “Ford probably doesn’t like me very much right now.” LMAO that’s an understatement Tyler! 😂

    1. Well can you blame them? He single-handedly destroyed the reputation of the F-150 Lightning (although it was completely valid)

  15. I think there will be a place for both gas and ev. Evs might relay more on quirky designs and features because there’re all fast and quiet. However some people will always appreciated the sound and feel of a gas car. I’m sure synthetic fuels will come around.

  16. I didn’t know about watching a Doug Demuro video with someone else in it, but after seeing how much a people person Doug is, I’m hooked

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