Winter tyres for a #GT3! #SeenThroughGlass #Porsche #Porsche911 #911GT3

It wasn't simple, however I got winter season tyres fitted to my brand-new 911 GT3.
With sizing pretty severe for the GT3, finding Porsche approved rubber wasn't straight forward

Winter tyres for a #GT3! #SeenThroughGlass #Porsche #Porsche911 #911GT3

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  1. Half the joy of owning these cars is sharing the experience with other people, even basic stuff like this 🙂

  2. Firstly make I congratulate you Sam on choosing this fabulous colour. I had tagged this for a future spec myself. It suits the car so we’ll and is rare. I’m hiding my jealousy as you were given a slot for a GT3. Treat it with love, as part of the family and don’t ever be tempted to flip it. You have a wonderful car, enjoy.

  3. Incidentally, I bought winter wheels and tyres for mine at time of purchase and watch for a time when temp will be consistently below 7 degrees C. The ride improves about 15% comfortwise, and the softer compound helps the car handle amazingly well. When the temp is consistently higher they will scrub off rubber quite quickly.

  4. The only thing i think isn’t perfect are those seat inserts which make my eyes go cross eyed every time i see them 😂

  5. Pirelli SottoZero was shite on my Carrera T. Studded Hakkapeliittäa H8’s were just sublime. Made it a white road racer🌟

  6. Big fan of Michelin Cross climate for the daily. Interesting to see what you think of these Sam for daily driving?

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