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    1. منطقیه ، منطقییییههه

  1. This took “personalize your car to suit your personality” to a whole new level!
    Ps never let them know your next move 😜

  2. Bruh, that key is better than my phone…And the key itself probably worth more than my car

    1. it’s is real it’s electric charged paint and it’s over one hundred thousand that perfect for when cops chase pull over press button change colors cuz lots of crazy drivers thats James bond stuff sweet

    2. ​@SmaccSix1Nina you said Dee finally the time has come for me to say: deez nuts

    1. , nope that is real look it up it’s electric charged paint and it’s probably over one hundred dollars to do it it’s sweet for cops pull over change colors if you drive like many do

    2. technology is sweet I can’t even imagine the supercars will be in ten years they already go above 300mph and change colors with the touch of a button

    1. Color change isn’t allowed by any country, state or world legally and will never be

  3. I bet in the future this definitely be real, we already have color changing and also RGB paint vechile concepts

  4. You’ll always escape cop’s speeding tickets with that changing color😂

  5. “I am imagining this”

    Mechanic:*fixes the car scratch*

    Mechanic:That will be 150 000 dollars.

    1. @Herbata Surykatka No that BMW was able to change colours because of heat compression this is just editing.

    2. @Kobe No, it was because of paint that was under electricity and depending on the amount of voltage the paint was changing. You couldn’t see it because it was in Poznań in Poland. It had some cool patterns too.

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