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Today I remain in at with and the very rare Hypercar that is now survive on

With 1,953 hp, a 0-60 miles per hour time in under two seconds, a top speed of 257 mph( 413km/h) and some under its belt, the insane performance figures of the represent the brand's excellent supremacy in the 'electric hypercar' category.

I'm having a look at the cool functions of the car and after that Sergi is going to get it on the track.

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World's Fastest Accelerating Production Car |

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  1. You can bid on this car on our auction platform now! 👉

    1. ​@@Zane_Ti3105 she normally do that but from someone else like sponsor’s and car brands.

  2. The Rimac Nevera’s quarter mile time is 8.25 seconds. Almost half a second faster than the 8.73 seconds of the Aspark.

    1. They make some GREAT CARS TOO! Super light as they are built of an EXOTIC LAMINATED CARDBOARD no one else seems to be able to duplicate and run on environmentally friendly RICE

  3. The aspark owl is living proof that EVs do make sound. It’s just muffled in most of them

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