World’s First Lotus SUV | Eletre

is a small, British supercar brand name that has always concentrated on small low-volume cars. They simply released an SUV out of no place and it's surprisingly amazing.

It speeds up as fast as a Lamborghini Aventador, yet it's actually a family SUV! On top of that, the interior is ultra-luxurious to opt for the actually cool color-changing paint job.

Sergi had a great deal of enjoyable reviewing the , ranking it one of his preferred automobiles he has driven in 2023. Let us understand in the comments what you think about ' first ever electrical SUV!

Provided by Sergi:

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00:00 Introduction
00:22 Outside
03:29 Interior
07:42 Test

World’s First SUV | Eletre

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  1. Love that gut punch acceleration! Aggressively elegant, especially with that pearlescent finish. Pleasantly surprised at the price!😊

  2. I’ve been waiting for this car for about 2 years. Didn’t they release this in Europe or Asia already?

  3. You were right Serg, Lucid has LiDAR and last I checked it’s a production car, but maybe they meant 360 LiDAR….?

  4. I love Lotus in general, love the Eletre when it comes to name, performance vs price, whole exterior – they’re on fire with latest batch of releases! But they, IMHO, really dropped the ball on the interior…I dislike (which is rare) the center console design elements (those cup holders are straight ugly), that display in/out motion seems really like form over function and completely unnecessary (if they at least made it slide all the way back horizontally?) , and the information and design of the digital “cockpit strip” is so small, and again not very usable, while that RGB strip over the top of it is just distracting and useless. If they cut the RGB strip in that segment and made the information screen that taller, it would have been a much better solution…Still, praise to Lotus, but I hope they come up with a little bit more elegant interior design language in the future!

    1. Things gotta go electric one day unfortunately how the world goes but there are so many gas options that were available or still are

  5. That is a cool car. Soon the EV will be able to charge itself for driving. The issue about technology is that it is suppressed so people buy chitty chitty bang bang.

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