World’s RAREST Muscle Car Ever Built – 1 of 1 Production – 1968 Camaro – Only Video Footage Know

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The 1968 Z28 Convertible was a 1 off production vehicle constructed for GM Executive Pete Estes. This automobile was pulled from the regular assembly line and transformed to a Z28 to attempt and impress Pete Estes who managed the purse strings for Chevy's racing program. The car was expect to impress Pete to offer the race men the funds for their Trans Am program. Apparently it worked due to the fact that the vehicle survived and had actually been restored. Given that the timing of this video, the cars and truck has returned underground. This might be the only actual footage of the vehicle.

World's RAREST Muscle Car Ever Built – 1 of 1 Production – 1968 – Only Video Footage Know

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  1. This is a well know car. It’s a 1 of 1 that was ordered by Pete Estes, a GM Executive. It’s the real deal.

  2. That car is awesome. With the cross ram intake and all the options it’s priceless. 500,000 plus

    1. @Glenn McCormick car hobby is crazy today. i have not gotten over the mcqueen mustang yet. old now and grew up with these old muscle cars, loved them and saw what they cost, just can’t see the money now but that’s just me. no need to reply to my gibberish. old guy.

  3. Wow! What a beautiful car that Z28 is. Originally I thought that the exterior was black, but when I saw it outside, I could see it was actually dark green. A beautiful color combination. Another thing that I thought was a little odd, was the fact that the interior was white. I had always thought that the interior was supposed to be the same color as the top. And the number of options on this car, was just incredible. That Pete Estes was 1 lucky guy. Thanks for the video, I really enjoyed it.

    1. I kinda thought it looked like a dark blue green but your probly right my dad always called grey green he said colored blindness ran in our family but yes what a great car it’s so great he is gonna put them out here we’re we can see them feel like a kid in a candy store and bottomless pockets wow !

  4. My uncle used to work at the Norwood plant, he used to talk about some of the Camaro’s going down the line, he even made sure the guys took extra care when my 81 Z28 came down the line! Love shows like this!

  5. I owned a 68 Camaro. It was the opposite of rare. It was the most common package. The 327 2-barrel with powerglide, all drum brakes, no power brakes, power steering, no air conditioning. It was a fun car to drive.

    1. had a friend who had a ’67 camaro , small hubcap car, your engine, no power anything, refrigerator white, column shift powerglide, and a bench seat. always liked cars cars like yours and his especially 1st gen stuff. old guy.

  6. The story of this car has been around for years, yes it is a factory built car but there were very special circumstances that went along with this car being built so its not like anyone in the general public was going to have a chance to buy it, its more like a special presentation to an executive at chevrolet

    1. The general public couldn’t buy a 1965 Chevelle SS 396 either. They were all given to celebrities.

    2. @MaddPeanut During the summer of ’78 I stumbled across one of these 65 Ss396 Malibu,for sale. It was in MINT condition showroom clean under the hood! I knew it was unusual, being 16 years old, no internet, I thought it was a Canadian model that someone had brought down. Here’s wherever it really hurts, asking price? $1500.00 I hate telling this story!

  7. My 90 year old mother has a friend at her retirement home who swears her late husband special ordered an early 60’s Corvette convertible with every available option including “Woody” side panels and white wall tires.
    I told her that if that were true, it would be the rarest Corvette of all time because I couldn’t imagine anyone in their right mind wanting such a thing!

  8. A rival classmate of mine had a 68 Z 302. It also came with tilt steering and power windows. But afterwards, he added a straight shifter, low profile Micky T’ 60’s and headers of course. He was also known for overhauling it twice sometimes the 3 times a month after running 1/4 miles at Green River and Little River on the weekends. It did do consistent high 11 low 12’s, back in the day (mid 70’s). And that was flyin’ back then.

  9. Very nice Camaro, Back in 69 up here in Mpls, Minnesota we had a Chevy dealership called Jay Kline Chev, I bought a a 68 RS Big block 396 with them factory headers, On the fenders were Fiber optic for the head lamps , Turn lamps, then on the rear drink tray were the optics for the rear tail lights, I also have speed warning , Also have 8 track with boost, all this was from the factory, Also got that road rally game in the trunk with them factory exhaust manifolds….Love this car it has 62,000 on the clock oh I also have the 8 track never used yet Music by Chev. Car just sits now still in mint shape. Thanks for your time…

  10. Weird when I bought my first car, I went to the Chevrolet dealer to ‘order’ a ’74 Nova SS 4spd and I waited on it for weeks before they told me that my car wouldn’t be built because they had already began building the redesigned ’75s (yuck) I never really understood why they didn’t try to find me another SS but the day I was up there getting my deposit back I spotted this used car out front and I asked what is that, and the dealer said that’s a ’71 Camaro… and I said Wo 😲 and then I drove it and with the white high back bucket seats and the slapstick automatic and a spoiler? WTH (I didn’t even care it only had a 200 HP 307 High Performance) it was the coolest thing I had ever seen (other than maybe the vettes or Panteras which were just totally out of my reach at a whopping $10,000 for the Pantera). I was only 19 and I bought that Camaro for only $2500. Like new. Kept it about a year and a half and bought a ’74 Z28 Type LT (which was Car of the Year by the way) and it was… It just needed a little tweaking. A DP-Holley 650 and [black] Hooker header side pipes and a 4 spd, 50’s on rear and 60’s on front and still had to put traction bars on and then boom, mid 12’s in the quarter. 💕
    It was like the SS I had ordered in ’74, only a Camaro (fortunately) instead of a Nova and even though I’ve always had a little soft spot for Nova’s, a stroke of luck finding out about Z’s and that was before the T.A. ‘invasion’ so that style was still pretty rare to see🤙
    btw: so being what it was, my [super] Z was frkn stolen and I was 💔

  11. This is NOT a production car, it was a specialty built “one off” for Pete Estes (then president of the Chevrolet Division of GM). Rare yes, production no.

    1. @MaddPeanut Would you mind telling me how you know it was ordered through the COPO process?
      Going on what is known today and spoken of extensively, the COPO process was normally instigated by the dealership normally for a special client/customer order, or to cater for the dealership itself, ie – Yenko, Fred Gibb etc. What i’ve read on this “one of drop top Z” is that it was totally done within GM, not requiring a sales, Central Office Purchase Order – ? Let me know with a link of quote from a published book, thanks.

    2. These guys are WRONG!..It’s NOT a production was a ONE of a kind produced for CEO Pete..

    3. @Steve DeLeon how is it the one GM thought to auction out of the museum before: this one is “no hidden headlights” front (non-RS: so SS) AND non-RS rear (’68 red/white signals w/o separate rectangular reverse lights down low).
      some magazine ad for future auction said: convertible ’68 Z28 RS/SS intended for executive’s daughter & beyond COPO factory ..

  12. Absolutely brilliant. It was their loss to not jump on such an opportunity. I’m looking forward to seeing all 14 of them. It’s just something you can’t see anywhere else.
    I can’t say I’m a fan of Mecum or Barret-Jackson. They pulled the money men into muscle cars intentionally. 85% of them don’t even look at the cars, they have a buyer pick them based on potential ROI and it’s put into storage.
    That’s their job, get more money for the cars. I’m sour because I was stuck rebuilding Chevelle’s starting with one good wiper blade and building a car around it lol.

  13. There is a blue 1968 Camaro RS convertible near San Jose CA that had its build sheet showing an optional 302 motor put into it. The car was badged as an RS but original build sheet shows high performance 302.

  14. The optional cam also makes for lack of vacuum for the power brakes at low RPM. Had that cam in my Z.

  15. 1 of my business partners showed me the 1 of 1 68 Camaro in a magazine of high end cars while he was looking for something completely different back around 2000 +/-. I called to see about looking/buying it and the guy told me the story of the GM having it built his way etc. I asked how much, he said “if you have to ask, it’s to much” I went on to buy a very nice 69 RS/Z28. Very cool story!!

  16. From the “wish I had it now” desk. Bought a ’67 Camaro, 350, 4sp with 4:10 gears in ’69 (2nd owner). It also had a rear window defroster (fan) and a fold down seat. Best running car I’ve ever owned. Loved that car

  17. My friends mother has a 67 Firebird convertible, I guess those were more common than the Camero rag top!
    Just out of high school in 1978 I bought a 67 Firebird Hi Po 400, all black with a custom hand painted near copy of the trans am Firebird on the hood. It was beautiful but had been trashed by a couple previous owners and I was too poor to repair it!

  18. I just found your video & I enjoyed it very much! I’ve subscribed. I’m 68 & back in the 70’s I had several high performance Fords & one Mercury. I’m looking forward to your new videos, & if the ones you posted in the past are still available, I’d love to watch them,too!

  19. The valve springs for the first design racing camshaft were made of defective steel and would lose tension quickly. The 1966 – early 1967 Pontiac Ram Air valve springs had the same problem.

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